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Here is the review of North Vegas 2018!

north vegas 2018

The new North Vegas 2018 is here! It is the best kite of the entire North 2018 range for freestyle, wakestyle and kiteloops.
North Vegas is a 5-line "C-shape" kite and is the kite used by all riders who need a high-performance, massive pop and a good kiteloop machine.

As always, in addition to the kite is included in the bag its manual with repair kit and also the pigtails needed to change the kite from 5 to 6 lines (Hadlow Setup), only valid for the wakestyle bar.

News and construction in North Vegas 2018:

north vegas 2018 10m

North Vegas 2018 has a construction very similar to last year's Vegas, maintaining same level of construction. As a novelty in this 2018, and applied to the entire range of kites, the fabric has been changed by the "Trinity TX", which is a fabric having 3x2 in each square, making the construction more durable and resistant.

north kiteboarding trinity canopy
They have also added wider connections for the one-pump system, which inflates and deflates the kite faster.

vegas 2018 details
The North Vegas 2018 comes, as in recent years, with differents settings.

For the rear lines we have the classic North configuration with a Soft / Medium / Hard setting.
By putting the pigtail in Soft Setting you will get a kite with less bar pressure, faster and it will pull the kiteloops closer and softer in addition to developing the power smoother.

With the Hard Setting you will have a kite that has higher bar pressure, more precise handling and with more open kiteloops (generates more power). With this setting you get a kite a little slower and less sensitive, so this configuration is the one we recommend for unhooked tricks.

The Medium Setting is a half way between the two and is the one that comes by default in the kite.

back lines vegas 2018
In the front lines we also have the options of High Depower / Medium Depower / Low Depower. Vegas is a C-kite, but if you put the pigtails in High Depower you will find a kite that has enough depower, jumps reasonably well and is quite reactive.

If you switch the pigtail to Low Depower mode, you will discover a wakestyle-oriented kite where you will find more pop and greater slack (delayed power release). If you combine the setting of Low Depower and Hard setting, you will have the perfect setup to do tricks unhooked.

front lines vegas 2018
You can also put the Hadlow Setting but you will need to have the North Wakestyle bar and make some adjustments in the kite and bar, which will go from 5 to 6 lines. It's the most extreme setting in Vegas, where you'll get more pop and a massive slack. Although, personally, we have not noticed too much difference vs the 5 lines!

Trying the North Vegas 2018:

north vegas 2018

We have been testing the Vegas 2018 in 10m with a wakestyle bar in 5 lines. The configuration we have used has been in the front lines of "low depower" and in the rear "hard setting".
The kite is very compact and stable, the pop and the slack is very good. We had a nice flat water freestyle session and it has done everything that was expected. Definitely, it's the best kite to do wakestyle tricks out there!
It should be recalled that Vegas has been designed around the Wakestyle bar , so if you want to get the most out of the kite we recommend you get one.

North Vegas 2017 vs North Vegas 2018:

north vegas 2018 vs 2017.webp

We have not yet tested the kite for too long but at the moment the Vegas 2018 in 10m feels the same as the Vegas 2017 in 10m with the same bar ... Last year's kite was already one of the best if not the best for freestyle / wakestyle. In addition, with the proper configuration, you will find a kite very comfortable to kitesurf and with which you can get a great time in any conditions.

Last year we noticed some differences with the time and especially with the smaller sizes with respect to the previous year, but for now, everything seems the same .. What is great news because being honest, there is not much to improve in this kite!

You can read the reviews of the last Vegas 2017 here, Vegas 2016 and more North equipment here!


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