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All the info about the latest Dice 2020

duotone dice 2020

We have tested the new Duotone Dice 2020 and we have all the information you are looking for. Take a look at our test!
The new Dice 2020 is the Duotone model that adapts well to any wind condition or style of riding. If you are one of those who likes to go to the beach and depending on the conditions you do one discipline or another, this can be a very good choice for you!
The Dice 2020 allows you to perform from big air through unhooked tricks or even wave riding!
The 2020 Duotone Dice is the kite for those who want it all!

News and construction

dice 2020 construction

Once the kite is open, we find the typical Duotone construction but this 2020 we get a new trailing edge.
There are dacron in the tips, beginnings of strutts and everything connected to each other.
For this 2020, Duotone has replaced the dacron of the trailing edge for a double fabric of 3x3 threads per square, making the kite lighter, although we will see over time how it affects durability!

duotone 2020 borde fuga
For the kite fabric, the "Trinity TX" material is still used as last year, which is a fabric that has 3x2 threads in each square, making the construction more resistant and durable to time. And they also keep the one-pump valves wider to pump it faster.

duotone dice 2020 trim

For rear line connections you have the 3 classic options offered by Duotone, that is: Soft, Medium and Hard setting.

With Soft setting you will have a faster and more sensitive kite, with lower bar pressure and a kite that will give you power more smoothly.
Hard setting gives you a heavier feeling at the bar, giving you better feedback and making the kite jump better and do more powerful loops.

Try changing between different setups of rear conections as they vary the behavior of the new Dice 2020 in a big way.

dice 2020 front lines

Finally in this news section, 2020 Dice has no front pulley.. It offers a more direct control but we will talk about this later on.

Testing the Duotone Dice 2020

kite dice 2020

We have tested the new Duotone Dice 2020 in different sizes. Wind range of the kite is quite good, but above all it stands out in its high end.
If this kite stands out in any way, especially in small sizes, it is to make hooked freestyle tricks and big air. Lift is very good and turns are very direct, which makes throwing kiteloops very very simple, and depending on where you have the back lines, very powerful! Hangtime is good, although it is not something that stands out from other kites.

With big sizes, the slack and pop is good, so you can even dare to do your first unhooked tricks. It is a kite that will allow you to progress in this discipline without giving up having a good kite to practice others.

Tip: If you are going to use the Click Bar, moving the V will make big differences in its behavior. If you are going to do freestyle hooked, surely the best configuration will be with a high V (as it comes out of the box) and a medium or soft setting, but if you want to do wakestyle (tricks unhooked) the best option will be to lower or remove the V to get the maximum slack from the kite and put it in hard setting.

Duotone Dice 2020 Vs Duotone Dice 2019

2020 duotone dice

There are 2 significant changes between the 2020 and 2019 Dice. The first is the trailing edge, which has made the new 2020 Dice lighter and thus faster. And this time you really feel the difference!
The other change has been the modification of the front system, removing the pulley. This change makes the kite more direct and compact in the air, as well as behaving better on gusty winds.
Kite has gained in benefits to make big air and wakestyle, but with this change it has also lost benefits in the waves.

The new Duotone Dice is a kite for those who don't want to stick to a single discipline. In the same session you can jump high and do freestyle and wakestyle tricks without problems!

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