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No wind? Lets Longboard in Tarifa!

Looking for something to do out of the water?

What are surfers up to when there are no waves or wind in Tarifa? Right, longboarding! Learn right next to the beach on the Boulevard with stunning sea views. Perfect to improve your board skills and to add a new hobby you can do everywhere! Also very suited for those who just rather stay on the shore.

longboard courses tarifa

If you don’t have any experience we will have you cruising in no time. We have instructors with over 7 years experience in teaching longboard skate. It’s also possible to rent a board, so you can get a nice sunset sessions.
Price for private lesson are € 35/Per, semi-private € 20/Per, group € 15/Per. The duration is a full hour per lesson.

Prices of Longboard Lessons in Tarifa

Private Lesson 35€
SemiPrivate Lesson 20€/Per
Group Lesson (3 or +) 15€/Per
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