Second hand Duotone kitesurf gear

Used Duotone gear and from other brands..

In Kite Fun Tarifa we have used kites, bars, boards and apparel for sell. We work with Duotone Kiteboarding and we normally have in stock Duotone Neo, Duotone Dice, Duotone Evo and Vegas.
Our second hand kitesurf gear comes from our clients, friends, test and school. Everything have been checked so you dont find anything weird!

You will always find the best offers and with money back warranty.

  • cometa North Neo 12m 2018

    North Neo 12m 2018, perfect conditions.

  • cometa North Neo 11m 2018

    North Neo 11m 2018, barely used, few units.

  • cometa North Evo 7m 2018

    North Evo 7m 2018, as good as new.

  • Kite North Neo 5m 2017

    North Neo 5m 2017, last unit.

If you want more pictures, prices or just make an appoinment, just contact us by phone or here!