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Second Hand Kitesurf Gear

We have for sale used kites, bars, boards, harnesses and wetsuits. We work with Duotone, Ocean Rodeo and some other brands.
We have stock in Duotone Evo, Duotone Neo, Duotone Dice and Duotone Vegas from different years as well as bars and everything at the best price. We have added also used gear with the all new aluula on kites and wings!
Everything has been checked so that you won't find any surprises. Our material comes mostly from our own clients, friends from school and test.
If you can't find what you are looking for, write to us and we will help you. Always with the best price / quality and with money back guarantee.

If you are looking to buy new kitesurf gear with the best deals, take a look to our pro shop!

Ocean Rodeo Flite 17 used

Ocean Rodeo Flite 17m

Ultra-light kites for low winds. Super powerful kites! Last 17m available.

duotone neo 12 2020 used

Duotone Neo 12m 2020

Last used Duotone Neo 2020. Good condition, no repairs. Ideal for beginners.

used ocean rodeo rise

Ocean Rodeo Rise 2022

Full built with aluula, if you are looking to the next level, this is your best choice!

ocean rodeo flite hl 12m 2022 used

OR Flite HL 22/23

Superb kite, easy and fast, perfect for light winds and jumping machine. 12 and 14.5 available!

used kites

Ocean Rodeo Crave HL

Available in different sizes. Great all-rounders, great kites for twintip and surf-boards. Huge range!

used ocean rodeo roam hl 2022

OR Roam HL

Different sizes available. Perfect kite for beginners and foilers, great drift and relaunch!

used Ocean Rodeo razor 8

Ocean Rodeo Razor 8m

Looking for a cheap small kite? This is the last unit available. Great condition, no repairs.

Used Kitesurf Bars

We also have used kitesurf bars. Both in 4 lines and in 5.
We usually have Duotone / North bars from previous years, as well as other brands. Get in contact with us.

used kitesurf bar

Used Ocean Rodeo Pilot 2.0 2022

Few units, different conditions. Works with all kite brands!

2019 duotone click bar second hand

Used Duotone Click Bar 22m

Last units. Different chicken loops available.

used duotone trust bar

Duotone Trust Bar 4 lines from 2020

Different sizes, few units. Check Prices.

Used Kiteboards

All our boards are complete with fins and pads. We have used kitesurf boards in different sizes.

used duotone kiteboard

Used Duotone Gonzales 142cm 2020

Perfect for beginners. We have different sizes, all in great condition.

second hand cheap kiteboard

North Gonzales 142cm Second Hand

Board designed for beginners, super easy upwind and very balanced.

Used wings

We have available Ocean Rodeo wings in all sizes. We have aluula wings and also HL wings!.

aluula wing second hand

Ocean Rodeo 5m A-Glide wings

One unit of A-Glide, used a couple of times. Like new.

used ocean rodeo wing

Used Wings Ocean Rodeo Glide HL

All sizes available. Strut built with Aluula, making it super stiff!

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