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Do you want to learn kitesurf? Here are some tips before you get down to it!

Do you want to learn kitesurf? In this post we are going to detail some tips before taking your first kitesurfing course and we are going to answer the classic questions that many people ask when they contact us. Here are our 8 basic tips before starting your kitesurfing course!

1. Take your kitesurf course where you have daily wind.

tarifa always windy

Taking a kitesurf course in places where the wind does not blow almost daily can be very frustrating and slow your progress.
The ideal is to do those first 2 or 3 days of your kitesurf course consecutively or as close as possible in time. If you make your kitesurfing course in places where there is only wind some days a month, you will have a lot of trouble finishing it because surely the days that you have available you will not have the conditions to take your kite course!
The advantage in Tarifa is that we have wind almost daily, and it is very very rare to have more than one day in a row without wind. So Tarifa should be on the top of your list when choosing a destination to learn kitesurf!

2. Don't learn kitesurf with a friend.

kiting tarifa

It may seem like a good idea, and it certainly is cheaper! But you will not receive adequate training and of course if there is an incident, which surely will be, you will not be covered by any type of insurance and it will be your fully responsibility if you harm someone. We know many cases of people who like kitesurf, but do not practice it due to a bad experience learning with the wrong person.
Learning with an official school guarantees that this school will have all the insurances and will be subject to all the legislation in force at that time.
At Kite Fun Tarifa, how could it be otherwise, we have all the insurances, certified instructors and other requirements that we are required from our goverment to be able to give kitesurf courses. In addition, we have a methodology adapted to all levels and we have more than 15 years of experience!

3. Know in advance who is going to be your kitesurf instructor.

carla kitesurf courses

If possible, a good tip is to know who is going to teach you during your kite course, what experience they have giving courses and if they have the required qualifications / certificates. In addition, it is good if your kiteschool can guarantee that this instructor will be with you throughout all your kitesurfing course!
At Kite Fun Tarifa we are very fortunate to have Carla Herrera, who has been 2019 kitesurf world champion! Whenever she is not competing around the world, she is teaching her passion and giving kitesurf courses in Tarifa to our students and she already has more than 10 years of teaching experience!

4. Take a private or group kitesurf course?

kite courses tarifa

It is the classic question of the students. It depends! If what you are looking for is to share an experience with your friends or you want to meet new people, a group kitesurf course is a great choice. But of course, you share kites and evolution is always slower.
If you know that kitesurfing is for you and you really want to learn it quickly and effectively, then your best choice is private kitesurf course (or semi-private). In this way, the entire course will be adapted to you and your learning speed.

5. Don't set yourself unrealistic goals.

kitesurf course tarifa

Kitesurfing is a sport that requires more time to learn than you expect and you have to be constant!
If you are going to take a kite course and you have no experience, normally the first day is spent in the sand learning how to fly the kite, safety systems and basic stuff. Once kite control is appropriate, you are ready to hit the water. During day 2 and 3, you do some exercises in the water with the kite, the so-called bodydrag and after that you start with the board.
There are people who find it more challenging than others, so setting yourself goals for a certain time may not be the best idea. What we can assure you is that with perseverance and a good teacher, you will learn kitesurf!

6. Choose a kitesurf school that works with well-known kite brands and keep equipment updated.

kite courses equipment

The equipment makes a big difference in your learning curve. A good kite makes learning easier. What you are looking for is a kite that is powerful, has good depower and is easy to re-launch from the water. In Kite Fun Tarifa we have Duotone kites from the current year, which are the leaders in the market! We normally use the Duotone Neo. Also, as we have Carla as part of our team, we also have some Ocean Rodeo kites, which is the brand that sponsors her and are amazing kites to learn with.

7. What to bring to your kitesurfing course?

courses kitesurf tarifa

If you go to a good kitesurf school, all the equipment and insurances will be included in your course. But still, it is good not to forget to bring sunglasses for the first day, lots of sun screen and some water!
Do you need to be very fit to practice kitesurfing? Obviously, it is a sport , and if you are fit it will help. But kitesurfing is a very physically undemanding sport and anyone can practice it.

8. Tarifa to make your kitesurf course.

tarifa kitesurf courses

Tarifa offers wide beaches with fine sand and wind every day. Also the best prepared and more experienced instructors in the world, since we have daily wind and we teach every day!
Surely you've heard of the crowds in Tarifa! It is true that in August there can be quite a few people on the beach, but they are at certain points on the beach. In Kite Fun Tarifa we have an access that gives to an area with few people / kites even on summer weekends! Forget about being surrounded by thousands of kites!
Tarifa has good prices to take your kitesurfing course, as well as cheap prices to stay and there are a thousand more activities with which to combine your stay in Tarifa with your kitesurfing course. Take a look to the 10 activities to do in Tarifa.

Decided to do your kitesurf course in Tarifa? In that case, contact us and we will be happy to help you!


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