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Sea Angels Rescue Cards

Buy your rescue boat card at Kite Fun Tarifa

If you plan to kitesurf with levante in Tarifa, you should get a rescue card! Save troubles and get one.
Sea Angel cards are personal and cover the owner and gear after registering it on the website. If you have a problem while riding with Levante (offshore wind) with this card you will be entitled to the collection of your material and your transportation back to the beach.
In case of not having it, the company will pick it up for a price of between € 100 and € 150.
The action areas are on the beach of Los Lances Norte and Valdevaqueros and up to 2 miles from the coast.

rescue boats kitesurf tarifa

If you are doing a kitesurfing course in Tarifa with an official school, rescues are included in the price of your course.
On the other hand, if you are renting material or you are a free user, you do not have rescue service for your gear and if something goes wrong, you wont have a nice situation!

Prices for Rescue Boat in Tarifa

Cards 2 Rescues 5 Rescues
Kitesurf Courses Included Included
Rentals 35€ 45€
Free User 35€ 45€
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