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Kitesurf kite rentals in Tarifa

Rental of kites, boards and everything you may need!

You know how to kitesurf but you haven't brought your own gear to Tarifa? Rent your kitesurf equipment with Kite Fun Tarifa. We have Duotone Kiteboarding and Ocean Rodeo kites always from the current year and in perfect condition.

duotone kites rental tarifa
kitesurf gear rentals tarifa

From Duotone we have at your disposal Duotone Neo, Duotone Evo and also Duotone Dice in all sizes. In bars we have 19m and 22m of lines. Boards we have both freeride and freestyle as well as gamblers for wakestyle!
From Ocean Rodeo we have Flite, Crave and the new Rise. Also, we have some Aluula kites!
All our gear is checked, so that you do not get any surprises during your kiting day.

Kitesurf Supervision

You know how to kitesurf but are not feeling ready to go alone? In Kite Fun Tarifa you can get a supervision.
The supervision is not a kite course, supervision means that you will have someone on the beach to help you preaparing your kite in case you have doubts, they will help you lunch / land the kite and while riding, you will always have a pair of eyes on you in case you need help when recovering your board or any other problem.

Supervision + Rental

In addition, you can also hire a supervised rental. You can choose the gear you want to rent and you will also have someone on the beach to help you with everything and take care of you.

Kitesurf rental prices in Tarifa

3h Full Day
All Gear 50€ 70€
Rental + Supervision 90€
Kite + Bar 40€ 60€

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