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Foil kitesurfing courses in Tarifa

The new kite discipline!

Learn to kitesurf with HydroFoil

Description of a foil kitesurfing course:

If you already know how to ride and want to start with a foil quickly and safely, our courses are what you are looking for. We will explain all the tricks to get you started safely. In addition, for the foil courses we use Ocean Rodeo Aluula kites, the lightest and most resistant on the market.
We have radio-helmets so your progression is much faster and safer.

hydrofoil kite lesson tarifa

What will you learn?

If you have not had any experience with the foil, we will begin by learning how to mount the board and wing, and we will go on to do a quick theory before entering the water.

✅Basic Foil Course
You will learn to bodydrag safely and position yourself for the waterstart.
After this, you will learn to find balance on a hydrofoil board, which is very different from a normal board!
After this, riding upwind and downwind!

Prices for a kitesurfing course with foil in Tarifa

*All included in the price. All equipment, radio helmets, rescue boat, insurances, etc.

Type of Course 2h
Foil Kite Course 150€

  • Foil kitesurfing courses are developed with a kite and instructor, that is, privately. We have radio helmets to make your progression faster.
Book in advance and get the best deals! Contact us!

What customers say about Kite Fun Tarifa

Carla and Rodri were not only exceptional people to have as kite instructors, they were also incredible kite surfers and absolute professionals when it came to learning the sport. Three of us went, two starting from zero, and we progressed incredibly, surprising even ourselves, and how quickly they imbedded the techniques and safety measures that are in place. They were positive, motivational and seemed genuinely happy when one of us got up or took the next step in the progression. We absolutely loved it, and a major part of that was both of them being friendly, professional and incredible kite surfers. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do kite surf in Tarifa!

Couldn't imagine a better school. My 11 years old daughter was delighted, all day smiling during and after the lessons. Private lessons for kids with all the attention from the teacher. No need to share with other kids.
Carla is amazing, won't rest until the child gets it. She even asks for more time, her patience is incredible! Not all days you can receive lessons from the Strapless World Champion.

Amazing experience with these guys...felt super safe at all times and was given loads of one to one attention...progressed really well in just a few hours. good value for money ...but foremost had a really fun time.

Took a 2h private course and was amazing. I already have had some lessons before and with them was just great. Improved step by step my mistakes and got to improve a lot. Super recommended.

We took 20h courses from 0 and couldnt be happier with Carla. Super professional and friendly, we surely will come back! Excellent comunication and organization with Rodri. Thank you both, we loved it!

Great professionals, always attending every detail, we felt super safe during the whole time. Rodri and Carla and very friendly. We had our first experience with them and progressed massively. We will come back for sure!

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