Private kitesurf course in Tarifa

Kitesurf Coaching in Tarifa

private kitesurf course Tarifa

Private kitesurf course description:

From a basic introductory course to a full kitesurfing course. The advantage of doing a private kite course is that it will be fully adapted to you and your learning speed. You will not have to wait for anyone to keep progressing and so will maximize your time and money.
We recommend our kite coaching for people who have had a previous experience, because normally in these cases, the learning speed is higher compared to people without experience.

kite lesson private Tarifa

What will you learn?

Depending on the length of your course further arrive in your learning. In less than 6h you'll be kiting!

You will learn:

Basic Kite Course (2H)

You will learn the first part of a kite course. Prepare equipment, safety systems, kite flying, etc. You'll be completely ready to move to the next part.

Intermediate Kite Course (4H)

You will learn the basic kite course and then pass to the water to learn bodydrag and make your first meters on the board.

Advanced Kitesurf Course (6H)

Goal on this course is that you finish riding at least in one way.

From Zero to Hero (8H)

With our complete kitesurf course, the goal is to end up being totally independent. You will be a new kitesurfer.


We adapt to your level. If you've had a previous experience, we can resume from that point. If needed, we can also do a review of all of it.

What is included?

Everything.. Qualified instructors (FAV, IKO...), RC / accidents insurance, all equipment, certification card and fun. And if you need a lift, we bring you.


  • Private kitesurf courses are developed with 1 student, 1 kite and 1 instructor. It is the most effective and fastest way to learn as you will have an instructor all the time with you and the lesson will develop fully adapted to your learning speed. Prices are for 50E / hour.

    • Private Kitesurf Course

    • Per person

      • 100€ / 2h
        200€ / 4h
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    • Private Kitesurf Course

    • Per person

      • 300€ / 6h
        400€ / 8h
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    • Private Kitesurf Course

    • Per person

      • On your way
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