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All the info about the new Vegas 2017!

north vegas 2017

North Vegas is back, and this year, the North Vegas 2017 comes with some new features .. It is recalled that Vegas is a "C" shape kite destined for new school / wakestyle. It is the kite used by all pro riders looking for a high performance kite with a massive pop and constant pull for sliders.

In the backpack we found classic accessories and manual, repair kit and pigtails needed to chanbe the kite from 5 to 6 lines (Hadlow Setup).

Construction and details of the North Vegas 2017:

north vegas 2017 shape

When we see the new Vegas 2017 for the first time, we see a kite very similar to 2016 in which only include a few new details .. North removed the strip of Dacron at the leading edge and central panels are now built in 2 sections. According to North, with this, the new Vegas has a cleaner design that generates more progressive turns and prevents backstall (the kite falling backwards). Still maintaining dacron protection at the strutts and one-pump.

north vegas 2017 9m
Still maintains the Dacron strip on the trailing edge and also adds all tips in Dacron, which according to North, produces a stronger kite, more responsive and better behaved with gusty winds.

vegas 2017
The new North Vegas 2017 comes with many settings as previous years. In the back lines have classic architecture of North with Soft / Medium / Hard setting.
Putting pigtail in Soft Setting you get a kite with less bar pressure, faster, soft power in addition to developing a more linear and smoothly kiteloops.
With the Hard Setting you will have a kite that has more bar pressure, more precise handling and more opened kiteloops (generates more power). In addition, above all, it does a little slower and less responsive kite, so this setup is what we recommend for unhooked tricks.
Medium Setting is a setup halfway between the two and is the default one in the kite.

back pigtails vegas 2017
On the front lines we find High Depower / Medium Depower / Low Depower. The Vegas is a "C" shape kite, but if you put pigtails in High Depower you'll have a kite that has enough depower, jumps reasonably well and is quite reactive.
If you change the pigtail to Low depower mode, you will discover a wakestyle oriented kite where you will get more slack (delay in releasing power) and pop. If you combine the setting of Low Depower and Hard setting, you'll have the perfect setup for unhooked tricks.

front pigtails vegas 2017
Kite offers also the Hadlow Setting. To put this setup you need to have the North Wakestyle bar and make some adjustments in the kite and bar, which will increase from five to six lines. It is the most extreme Vegas setting where you will get more pop and a massive slack.

hadlow setting vegas 2017

Trying the North Vegas 2017:

north vegas 2017 12m

We were able to test the new Vegas 9m and 12m 2017 and the 2017 wakestyle bar in 5 lines. Remember a couple of details: the Vegas has been designed around the Wakestyle bar, so if you want to get the best out of the kite we recommend that you use it with it. There is no difference between Hadlow version and normal, only diferences are the colors.

We tested a 12m with the setup in Low depower / Hard setting and gusty winds. The kite in the air feels very compact and virtually unchanged from last year. It is still the best choice to pull unhooked tricks.

vegas 2017
We have tested a 9m in High Depower / Medium Setting and gusty winds of about 25kn and has behaved as we already knew, absorbing good all the gusts and with simple and direct handling. With this setup you can go kiting smoothly with any wind condition and with a wide range of wind. Kite jumps reasonably well and hang time is good, but jumping and kiteloops is not the best of its features.
When we tested the kite with Low Depower / Hard Setting, kite behaves like the perfect weapon to throw the most powerful and radical unhooked tricks.

North Vegas 2016 vs North Vegas 2017:

The Vegas 2017 behaves in the air and feel the same way that the Vegas 2016, or at least we have not noticed any change. This means you're facing a kite that is ideal if you are pulling unhooked tricks and want to move to the next level. In addition, with the proper setup, you will find a very comfortable kite and with which you can have fun in any wind / sea condition. But where it is really remarkable is as New School / Wakestyle kite, possibly being the best kite out on the market for this style.


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