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Details of the latest OR Roam

ocean rodeo roam 2018 test

We had the opportunity to try the new second generation Ocean Rodeo Roam. It is the Ocean Rodeo kite designed specifically for waves, so if you have a wave board under your feet, this is your best option in its range.
Beginning with the review, the backpack is wide and spacious and incorporates a repair kit, a manual and different spaces to place bar, pump and even connect another backpack.

Kite construction:

ocean rodeo roam 2º gen

When we see the Ocean Rodeo Roam 2018, the first impression is that the kite is very well made and will be resistant. It is a 3 strutt kite, with wide tips and a dacron frame around the kite. The fabric is Teijin D2, like most kite brands, and incorporates Dacron on the trailing edge, next to the valves to avoid chafing and a very resistant type on the leading edge.

ocean rodeo roam 2018
We find a couple of options to customize the kite. In the rear lines we find 2 connection options, one more on the outside of the leading edge and another on the inside.
Putting the pigtail on the outside, you will get a kite with less bar pressure, faster and that will pull closed and soft kiteloops.
On the other hand, if you connect it inside, the kite has higher bar pressure, handling is more precise, its turn and kiteloop are more powerful.
The bridle system has 1 pulley inside the assembly but the connection of the front lines is direct, that makes a kite more reactive and more direct sensation in the bar.

Testing Ocean Rodeo Roam 2018:

ocean rodeo roam 2

We have tested the new Roam 2018 in different sizes and always with the StickShift bar.

We find a kite that feels very compact in the air, even with gusty winds. It does everything pretty well, jumps high, has good hangtime but where it really stands out is in it drift capability while surfing a wave. Even when there is slack in the lines, the kite is able to turn quickly and follow you. Another highlight is its re-launch from the water, incredibly fast and simple.

Its up side are turning speed, power, depower and water relaunch. All this makes the Roam 2018 a great choice for those who wear a surfboard under their feet.

or roam 2018

Comparing the Ocean Rodeo Roam:

If we compare the new Roam with for example, its equivalent in Duotone which is the Neo, the first thing we can highlight is the power. The Roam is a kite that offers the power you expect from its size, and if you compare this with the Neo it is quite different, as Neo offers way more power than you can expect for its size. Turns and kiteloops are much simpler in Roam than in Neo, as its turning arc is more closed and less powerful, which will make it easier if you are surfing the wave and you need to recover the kite. The depower is quite similar, as well as its water relaunch.

The new Ocean Rodeo Roam is the ideal kite if you use a surfboard under your feet. You will find a very comfortable kite to ride and with which you can have a good time in any wind or sea condition. And knowing that you have a kite with a bombproof construction and that will last you a long time!

You can find more info / buy Ocean Rodeo Roam here.


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