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All the news of the latest Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2018

ocean rodeo prodigy gen6 2018

We have put our hands on the new Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 6th generation in different sizes.
The program of this kite is for freeride, but also good in waves and jumps. It is the most versatile kite in the Ocean Rodeo range.
The backpack is wide and the kite fits without problems, comes with straps for the bar and pump, besides including its manual and an extensive repair kit.

backpack ocean rodeo

Once the kite was opened we found that the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is a kite with a delta shape and 3 strutts. The bridle system is simple, with direct connection and a pulley inside the system.

ocean rodeo prodigy 2018

Construction of the latest Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is very resistant. We find the materials that most of the kite brands uses, that is, Teijin D2 and dacron for most of the critical areas. It has a frame that surrounds the kite made in dacron, which comes especially well in the trailing edge as it gives much more durability and also some patches that protect the canopy from the galling of the valves. Construction wise, we find a very well made kite.

or prodigy gen6

The only downside that we have seen in the construction section is the inflation / deflation valve. In places like Tarifa, with strong winds sand flies and surely a lot of it will end up entering the kite blader, although this type of valve is something that we see in many other kite brands.

valve ocean rodeo

As setup options in the kite, the new 6th generation Prodigy incorporates 2 settings in the tips. The outside to make the kite faster, more sensitive and with less bar pressure and the inside to make a kite that delivers more bar pressure, less sensitive and a little slower. It also incorporates an anti-hook system so that the bridle can not roll on the leading edge.

or prodigy 2018

In short, the new Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is built with a very high level and comparable to the first brands we know in Europe. Now we just have to see how it behaves in the water!

Testing the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2018 Gen 6

ocean rodeo prodigy 5m

Our first contact with the new Prodigy was on 5m with one of our famous levantes, with winds that surpassed 45kn.
The kite behaves incredibly stiff in the air and is able to withstand gusty winds very well. It is a very solid and direct kite in the bar. Its wind range is very good and it behaves surprisingly well in these winds.
As a reference we can say that we were riding at the same time with a North Evo 5m 2018 and the lift capacity of both is practically the same and the hangtime of the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is better.

In short, after many years without seeing or trying an Ocean Rodeo kite, it has surprised us a lot positively. If the kite behaves well in strong and gusty winds, it is because it really is a good kite. And after trying other sizes, we can say that the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 6ºGen is a kite to consider for those riders who are looking for a kite that does everything well and last forever!

You can find more info / buy Ocean Rodeo Prodigy here.


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