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Test / Review of Ocean Rodeo Smoothy

Freeride Kiteboard

Looking for a comfy kiteboard? OR Smoothy is what you need!

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We put our hands on a brand new twintip, the Ocean Rodeo Smoothy! The Smoothy is an all-round twintip targeting the freeride / freestyle riders. Technically, it feaures a deep, double concave base, tapered flat rails and bi-axially designed flex. Combining all this, you get a hard carving board and responsive flex.

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Once you are on the water and put your feet inside its pads / straps you know you are in a very confortable board. Pads are super soft and comfy and straps are really nice (sometimes after a very hard crash, it might be a bit tied or untied), featuring a super easy way to adjust and many options to place them on the board.
Board is plently of grip from its mid-size fins and bottom shape. Make sure to try both options when screw your fins as you will get a variation in grip and riding behaviour.

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The new Smoothy soaks up every bit of chop, dodgy landings and handles high speeds with ease. You can really feel the flex in the tips of this board, either when playing around carving or powering into the takeoffs of your moves.
If you are one of those who finish kitesurf sessions with some knee pain, OR Smoothy might be your best option!

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The smoothness of the Smoothy =) and speed you can hold combined with the pop this board delivers make it a fantastic choice to learn your first jumps and also boost massive board offs and loops.
For pure wakestylers might not be the best setup, but for most of riders will be an excellent choice to have fun no matter what conditions are.

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Smoothy is an incredibly refined all-round twin tip, boasting the perfect blend of ease of use, comfort, weight and performance.
It comes in 145 x 45 / 142 x 43 / 139 x 42 / 136 x 41 / 133 x 40 / 130 x 39 with each size having a unique color.


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