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Information about the Ocean Rodeo Crave 2020

ocean rodeo crave 2020

We have had the opportunity to test the all new 2020 Ocean Rodeo Crave.
The OR Crave is a very focused kite for strapless riders. It is designed by riders competing in the strapless world tour to cover all their needs.

Ocean Rodeo Crave 2020 Construction

or crave 2020

The Ocean Rodeo Crave 2020 is a super light 3-struts delta kite that uses the FST concept, which is the widening of the tips so that the kite turns faster. The bridle system is simple, with direct connection and a pulley inside of it.

The Crave is a very light kite but that does not mean that it is not resistant. Due to its materials and design, it could withstand the toughest surf sessions.
The kite's fabric is the well-known Teijin D2, which combines lightness and resistance in combination with a stronger and lighter dacron.

crave ocean rodeo 2020

The Crave comes with 2 trim options on the rear lines. The external connection point makes the kite faster, more responsive and with less bar pressure. The inside one makes a kite that delivers more bar pressure, less responsive, slightly slower, and more powerful kiteloops!

The construction of the new Ocean Rodeo Crave is designed to withstand heavy use in waves!

Testing the 2020 Ocean Rodeo Crave

2020 ocean rodeo crave

Thanks to Carla, Ocean Rodeo international rider, we have tested all the sizes of the Crave in all kinds of conditions.
It is a specific kite for strapless kiting, and its main aspects are its turning speed, drift when you surf a wave and awesome massive de-power.
The Crave 12m and 10m are kites that has a great low-end and are quite fast for their size. This kites surprises when you enter into the waves, as it drifts and follow you without having to be constantly making inputs to the kite. Its ability to go up-wind is really good! Its lift and hang-time is also very good and will delight all those who enjoy a good strapless - freestyle session or surfing the waves.
The Ocean Rodeo Crave 7m-8m-9m are kites that are intended for use in stronger winds. Particularly we have been quite surprised by the performance of the 7m and 8m holding up a lot of wind and working really well with our Levantes (strong and gusty winds). Especially in these sizes is where its best capabilities come to the fore when surfing waves with its great depower and low bar pressure. It has been a joy to be able to use it with waves and strong winds!

Comparing Ocean Rodeo Crave 2020 Vs Prodigy 2020

ocean rodeo crave vs prodigy 2020

When you see both kites in the sky or parked close to each other, they can look like very similar kites.
The main differences from the Crave to the Prodigy is that as we have already said, the Crave is a kite designed for strapless kitesurfing and the Prodigy is a kite design for practically any discipline of kitesurfing, from beginners and advance twintip riders to also work nicely with strapless riding.

The Crave has much lower bar pressure, has a bit more lift but above all, it has a bigger depower once you get closer to its high-end.

You can find our test and review of the 2020 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy here.

Who is the new 2020 Ocean Rodeo Crave for? It is a kite that due to its capabilities will work well with any rider and almost any style of rding. But if you really want to get the most out of it, you will get it surfing waves or doing strapless freestyle. If you want to improve your strapless kiting, the new Crave is your best option!

You can find more info or buy the Ocean Rodeo Crave here.
Also, take a look to our online second hand kites here!


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