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All you need to know about the new North Dice 2017

2017 north dice

We tested the new North Dice 2017 and here's our review of what promises to be one of the best kites of the year.
The backpack has enough space to store your kite without many problems and comes with classic pockets for bar and pump.

mochila north dice 2017
Once opened, we can see some changes in kite construction respect to North Dice 2016.
First change that is seen is a new distribution of the kite panels. According to North, this affects to handling and power delivery.

dice 2017 north
Another new detail is the trailing edge. This year is wider, providing more durabilitly..

trailing edge dice 2017
We also found that Dacron strip at trailing edge is directly connected to another strip of Dacron on the leading edge. We could see this on the Vegas2016 and with it, we get a more reactive and solid kite in the air.

north dice 2017 12m
In the tip struts, the new North Dice 2017 borrows a concept that already included the Neo last year. They have strips along the strut to make them more narrow and aerodynamic. According to North, kite is more dynamic and responsive for wave riding.

dice 2017 strutts
We still find Dacron patches in the struts, which will help to avoid annoying holes and even tears as happened in previous years to 2016.

dice 2017 reinforcements
The kite comes with classic architecture of HARD / MEDIUM / SOFT setting.
Hard Setting is typically used for unhook / freestyle tricks.. This setup makes the kite feel heavier and slower.
Soft Setting is oriented to wave riding, that means a faster and dynamic kite.

dice 2017 tips

Trying the new North Dice 2017

north dice 2017 8m

We tested the new North Dice 2017 on different sizes with the new North Quad Bar 2017. Kite flies quite similar to the Dice 2016. Seems to have a more "C" shape feeling, but still keeping this handling we liked so much in 2016.
The North Dice 2017 is a kite that works for all types of users. With proper configuration, you can have a kite that will do very well for freestyle / wakestyle and just changing the settings in the tips, you can get a fun kite for freeride and wave riding.
If you decide on the 2017 North Dice, you will not regret !!

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