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Want to learn kitesurf in the most effective and fastest way? A private kitesurf course in Tarifa is your best choice. We will adapt to your level and learning speed to improve your kitesurfing as fast as you can and with the best prices!


60€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

Our group kitesurf courses in Tarifa are the best choice if you come with a group of friends and want to share the experience. Group courses are also the cheapest way to learn kitesurf. Valid for all levels, we adapt to you!


From 25€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

We offer kitesurf courses in Tarifa adapted to children. We have special equipment for kids and also an oriented children metodology. Do you want that your little one starts kitesurf in the safest way? Our courses are the answer.


60€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

Besides a kitesurf course you also look for accommodation in Tarifa? We have apartments and a Surf-House directly in Tarifa town-center and 3 minutes walking distance from the beach. All our guest are kiters or future kiters!


60€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

Looking for kiteschool in tarifa?

The main objective of Kite Fun Tarifa is to offer you more than 15 years of experience in the kitesurf business and the same levels of satisfaction as thousands of other students! We offer quality: quality of treatment; quality of kitesurf courses; quality of equipment, as well as excellent organization and a guarantee that you will get the best overall experience from your kitesurf course!
Find out why we are the most valued kite school in Tarifa, Spain!

Is Tarifa a good place to learn kitesurf?

Undoubtedly, Tarifa is the best kitesurf spot in Europe. Tarifa is often called the European wind capital!
Tarifa offers over 300 days of wind per year, plus an average air temperature of 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year and very wide beaches!
Even during busy days and peak season we guarantee that you will be taught in a space far away from the crowds! Our kite school is located directly at the beginning of the teaching area. In less than a 10min walk you will be in a quieter area where you will feel safe without being surrounded by hundreds of kites... and it almost goes without saying but that's also where the wind blows best!

kitesurfing tarifa

95% windy days

100% Happy Clients

Already have tried kitesurf before? You can kite but want to learn some new aspects? With our adavanced kitesurf courses in Tarifa you can learn or improve in everything you want, from upwind to old-school, Big Air, freestyle, waves...


60€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

In our team we have the 2019 Kitesurf Strapless World Champion and.. Who else could be better to learn strapless kitesurf with? If you are already bored of your twintip, let Carla introduce you to kitesurf strapless in no-time!


60€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

Looking for your next kitesurf challenge? We have experienced instructors and specialized beginner friendly gear. This course is oriented for riders who can already kitesurf independently with a twintip. Get in touch with us!


60€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

Looking to learn another water sport? Wing foil is an amazing sport and easy to learn for everyone. All our gear is suitable for beginners, to make your learning curve fast and fun! Get in touch if you have any doubts!


75€ /h/Per person. All gear, insurance, rescue boat, etc.. included.

Want to learn kitesurf with a World Champion?

Carla Herrera is 2019 GKA Kitesurf World Champion and also our main instructor at Kite Fun Tarifa. If she is not competing around the world, then she is teaching kitesurfing here in Tarifa. Could it get any better? Take your kitesurf course in Tarifa with a World Champion!

Why choose Kite Fun Tarifa among all other kite schools in Tarifa?

The most important thing for Kite Fun Tarifa is you, which means that we customize each kite course to you, in order to provide courses for all learning abilities and all levels. We always use the latest learning techniques as well as high-quality Duotone / Ocean Rodeo equipment which will guarantee your safety and provide you with a unique experience when learning to kitesurf.
We have radio-helmets to boost your learning speed and safety.

Kite Fun Tarifa offers a wide variety of different courses and kite rentals in Tarifa besides our kite camps with accommodation. From our Kite Centre we offer kitesurf, Surf lessons and SUP rentals plus all the equipment you could need for a truly memorable holiday in Tarifa. All our courses come with equipment included, plus all the necessary health and safety insurance, and, if at the end you want an IKO certification, you just have to ask!

Sun and wind (almost) Guaranteed

+330 days a year of sun and wind, Tarifa is a paradise!

We speak several languages

We offer courses in Spanish, English, French, German..

Rescue Boat included in all our lessons

We have rescue boats, so you can learn safely.

100% happy and satisfied customers

Join to thousands of happy clients!

Our kiteschool offers lessons that..

Adapts to all levels, from beginners kite courses to advanced kitesurfing lessons in which you can learn everything you want. You can choose if you either want to learn/improve kitesurfing in a group, or if you would rather prefer to have a private kitesurf course to maximize your time. You can customize your course depending on your level, previous experience and the amount of time you have available in Tarifa. Are you coming for holidays to Conil and want to take a kitesurf course? Also, if you spend your holidays at Barbate, Zahora, Chiclana, Marbella.. your best choice for learning to kitesurf is Tarifa!

One big difference between Kite Fun Tarifa and other schools is us -the owners-, those who go down to the beach with you to give your kitecourse and share our passion with you! And if it is not us personally, our instructors are all professionally engaged in teaching kitesurfing and are all certified by the IKO / BKSA / FAV as instructors. In addition, every staff member speaks several different languages! You will come as a customer and you will leave as a friend!

premium kitesurf courses tarifa

Premium Kite Courses

Teaching and sharing our passion for more than 10 years and during all this time, we have given kitesurf courses in Tarifa to thousand of clients who has finished their lessons totally satisfied. Take a look to our reviews!

radio-helmet kitesurf courses


At Kite Fun Tarifa we have the latest technology to learn kitesurfing in the most efficient, fast and safe way. Being in contact with your instructor is key to have a faster progression and correct mistakes on the spot.

kite courses methodology tarifa

Our own Methodology

After more than 15 years of teaching kitesurfing, we have developed our own methodology that will make you progress quickly and safely. You will be doing your first meters on the board sooner than you expect! And having fun!

kitesurf courses gear

Latest Generation Gear

At Kite Fun Tarifa we work with latest generation kites that will help you in your progression. We have Duotone and Ocean Rodeo kites, which are leaders in the market. We have countless models and sizes that will adapt to any wind condition.

spot kite courses tarifa

Privileged Spot

Forget to overwhelm yourself learning surrounded by thousands of kites around. Our privileged position in the school area will make you learn kitesurfing in a relaxed environment. Furthermore, at our meeting point there is always parking!

well organized kite courses tarifa

Professionalism / Organization

At Kite Fun Tarifa we stand out for our professionalism, flexibility and our capacity for organization. We have all the permits and insurances necessary and required by the authorities. Our license is AT/202.

Whatever kitesurfing course you choose, all of them include Duotone Kiteboarding and Ocean Rodeo gear, including Aluula kites! Also all insurances and rescue boat if conditions require. IKO certification cards and transfer to the beach if needed. And, in addition to all this, add the best instructors with IKO / RFE de Vela qualifications, years of experience and capable of teaching you kitesurfing in Spanish, English, German, Italian and Polish!

Prices of our Kitesurf Courses in Tarifa

What is included in our lessons?

Everything. All the necessary equipment, certified instructors, RC / accidents insurance and lots of fun!

Prices for our kite lessons in Tarifa

Type of Course Prices per hour/person Minimum hours/day 1 day 3 days 5 days
Group Kite Course 25€ 3h 75€ 225€ 375€
Closed Group Kite Course 30€ 3h 90€ 270€ 450€
SemiPrivate Kite Course 40€ 3h 120€ 360€ 600€
Private Kite Course 60€ 2h 120€ 360€ 600€

  • Group Course: Max 4 persons, 2 kites and 1 instructor.
  • Closed Group Course: 2 persons, 1 kite and 1 instructor.
  • Semiprivate Course: 2 persons, 2 kites and 1 instructor.
  • Private Course: 1 person, 1 kite and 1 instructor.

Book in advance and get the best deals! Contact us!

What customers says about our kiteschool


" Carla and Rodri were not only exceptional people to have as kite instructors, they were also incredible kite surfers and absolute professionals when it came to learning the sport. Three of us went, two starting from zero, and we progressed incredibly, surprising even ourselves, and how quickly they imbedded the techniques and safety measures that are in place. They were positive, motivational and seemed genuinely happy when one of us got up or took the next step in the progression. We absolutely loved it, and a major part of that was both of them being friendly, professional and incredible kite surfers. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do kite surf in Tarifa! "


" Great professionals, always attending every detail, we felt super safe during the whole time. Rodri and Carla and very friendly. We had our first experience with them and progressed massively. We will come back for sure! "


" I had an amazing experience at this kite surf school! My coach, Patrick, was fantastic and patient as I started learning from the scratch. I had a blast during the lessons and after just 5 sessions, I was able to stand up on the board – a quick and exciting success for me! 🥳 I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to learn kite surfing or improve skills. I hope I made my coach proud and I can’t wait to see everyone again soon. A huge thanks to the whole team!🏄‍♂️🌊😄 "

F.A.Q Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Kitesurfing is not a sport that requires excellent physical condition. Children from 6-7 years (depending on weight and maturity) to grandparents can get started on kite!

No, our kite courses are adapted to all levels. If you do not have any experience, we will start from the beginning and you will go stage after stage until you reach your goals.
On the other hand, if you already have some experience, we can start from where you left off so that you progress as much as possible and if you need it, make a reminder of everything =)

It all depends ... There are people who learn faster and people who find it a bit more difficult, but what we can guarantee you is that everyone can learn!
A private kitesurfing course is the most effective and fastest way to learn and experience tells us that in about 6 hours you will already be doing a few meters and in 8-9 hours kiting in both directions.
The average tells us that in 12 hours of group course you will be able to do your first meters on the board and in 20 hours of group course you will be able to ride in both directions without any problem. If what you want is to jump, surely after a course of 5 days and one more week browsing on your own, you can start with it!

All the gear is included! If it is your first time, the first day it is very important to bring sunglasses. For the first and the rest of the days, we recommend you bring sunscreen, water and want to have fun, the rest is up to us!

We work with Duotone Kiteboarding, Ocean Rodeo and ION, leaders in the market. All our kites are from the current year and are renewed often, so that you always have the best material. Believe us, the kite makes a difference in your learning curve!
We also have good wetsuits, harnesses and all the material you may need in your course or rental.

Tarifa has more than 300 days of wind a year and an average of 20º .. Whenever you want! Although if we had to choose, to learn kitesurfing we would say between March and November!

No, kitesurf requires a normal physical condition and it is not necessary to be super fit.

Cash, card, Bizum, transfer, Crypto (Bitcoin / Ethereum). As best suits you!

Contact Details

Tel. / Whatsapp

+34 661 09 42 60

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun : 10-21 hours


Do you want to book your Kite lessons in Tarifa?

Get in touch with us!

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