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Learning kitesurf in Tarifa

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Every year many people come to Tarifa to learn or practice Kitesurf. Tarifa´s long sand beaches, nightlife, wind and sun promise to make your kitesurf holidays unique and unforgettable.
Here are our top 5 reasons why you should learn to Kitesurfing in Tarifa. Let us convince you that this place is the best Spot to learn kitesurf.

1. Wind and sun almost every day.

kitesurf tarifa 2015

Tarifa is worldwide well known for its constant wind conditions and warm weather. Located 14km away from Africa in the strait of Gibraltar, days without wind are a rarety and warm temperatures usual. Equal in winter, summer, spring our autumn the wind blows all year around, with an average temperature of 20 degrees.

The two most famous wind conditions in Tarifa are Levante (east winds) and Poniente (west winds). Poniente is usually a soft wind from the sea that sometimes brings waves with it. Levante is known to blow 24 hours a day, usually strong, from the land. It brings flat water but it is also offshore on our main beach. Due we are teaching with rescue boats, practice with levante is not dangerous.
So if you want guaranteed wind and sun, come to Tarifa.... is the wind capital of Europe for a reason and will allow you to complete your kitesurf course.

2. Most experienced instructors in Europe.

teaching kitesurf tarifa

If you come to Tarifa to make a kitesurf course, you can be sure that you will get taught by one of the most experienced instructors in Europe. Kitesurf instructors in Tarifa teachs more students in a month that anyone else in a year somewhere else. Here is always windy and someone who wants to learn with it.
The experience of the teachers makes sure that you will learn fast, efficient and safe. Also, forget about „theorical lessons“, in Tarifa, as we get wind everyday, you will learn everything as you should, practicing it.

3. Clean and wide beaches.

tarifa beach 2015

Tarifa´s main teaching beach is Los Lances. It's around 7km long and very clean. At this beach there are a lot of space to learn kitesurf in the offseaon. In the main season (15.6-15.9) this beach has separated areas for swimmers, kitesurf and schools.
The School area can be quiet crowded.. Kite Fun Tarifa´s teaching spot is at the very end of it, where you have even during the high season a lot of space to learn. At the beach there is a little lagoon, sometimes with high tide it fills up and makes it possible to teach in flat, kneedeep water. Wind conditions in Tarifa are sometimes not the easiest. With Poniente could be waves and Levante can be gusty. But in either way you learn in real conditions. You learn how to handle difficulties whatever is waves or gusty wind...what you will find in most of the spots in the world.

4. Great conections to reach from all Europe.

tarifa airports

Tarifa is located in the very south of Europe and it is very easy and cheap to reach. From everywhere planes flies to Malaga, Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera or Gibraltar. The connection towards Tarifa is very easy from these airports. There are several good bus companys that drives from the airports directly to Tarifa or Algeciras (30min away and bus connection every 30min).. From Málaga or Sevilla airport, bus drive takes around 2 hours and from Jerez de la Frontera or Gibraltar just 1h15min or 45min..
It is also worth to rent a car, due in the community of Tarifa has a lot to see and discover. Also, Tarifa has everything you need to be comfortable. There are big supermarkets where you can buy whatever you need, hospital and all the facilities you need to spend a great holidays.

5. Apart from Kitesurf, Tarifa has a lot to offer.

view from Tarifa, spain

Even when there is a day without wind, there are many possibilities to spend your time. Tarifa is a lovely, little, typical Andalusian town with a lot of character and charm. The beaches around are beautiful and worth a visit. In the old town you can taste fantastic food and enjoy Tarifa´s hot nightlife in bars, with live music or at the disco. You will meet many people, with who you share your passion for kitesurf or with who you have the fact in common you are just learning it.

If you want to spend no wind days anyway with watersport activities, go to try Surf or Stand Up Paddle. Tarifa offers crystal, flat waters, that invites for a route with the SUP around Tarifa and waves to learn and practice Surf. Here we have our TOP 10 activities to do in Tarifa, check it out!

These are our Top 5 reasons why you should not doubt to make a kitesurf course in Tarifa. If they convinced you or you want more information contact us, we will be happy to help you. Come and try Kitesurf in Tarifa you will not regret it!


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