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Test and Review of Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2020

ocean rodeo prodigy 2020

With all the hype that is emerging with Ocean Rodeo and its new ultra-light materials, we have put our hands on the 2020 version of its Prodigy.
This kite stands out for being the most versatile of the Ocean Rodeo kite range and is the kite of choice for Carla Herrera, 2019 Strapless Kitesurf World Champion.
According to Carla, she chooses Prodigy because it is a kite that adapts to any spot conditions, waves or flat, strong winds or gusty and is always able to get the best performace.

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2020 Construction

or prodigy 2020

The Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2020 is a delta kite with 3 struts. Bridle system is simple with direct connection and one pulley inside it.

We always say the same things about Ocean Rodeo construction quality, but it's the truth! They are really well built kites!
We find the fabric that most of the kites are using nowadays, that is, Teijin D2 and a very resistant and light dacron for most of the critical areas. The reinforcements and other components are made of very light materials and the difference with the kite of previous years is really noticeable.

2020 ocean rodeo prodigy

The kite has 2 setups on the rear lines. The outside connection point makes the kite faster, more sensitive and less bar pressure and the inside makes more bar pressure, less sensitive and a bit slower kite.

details or prodigy 2020

In few words, the new Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is built with a very high quality.
You can choose between 5m - 6m - 7m - 8m - 9.5m - 12m sizes.
Now its time to see how it works in the water!

Testing Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2020

test ocean rodeo prodigy 2020

We are lucky to have all sizes of the new Prodigy 2020 and we have tested them with all types of wind and sea conditions. The highlight of this kite is its ability to adapt to any type of wind and condition, so will suit every freerider out there!

It works quite well with gusty winds, and that is a skill that is not seen in many kites! Its wind range in high winds is really good especially in small kites. Bigger kites work very well in low wind, probably due to their low weight.

Its lift and hangtime is quite good, although perhaps it is not the best kite to make kiteloops. Another aspect that stands out is to surf waves, since its drift is quite good and you dont need to pay attention to the kite while surfing.

The kite also stands out in its water relaunch, which is really fast and simple. All these features together with its bomb-proof construction make this kite a great choice also as the first kite for beginners!

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 2020 Vs 2019

ocean rodeo prodigy 2020 vs 2019

Even when the kite seems to be the same on a first view, the change in materials and the lightness of the new OR Prodigy makes the kite's behavior different when you compare it to last year one. The kite feels much faster and in low wind it is more powerful.

If we have to define this new Prodigy in few words, we can say that it is a very versatile kite. Whether you like to jump with a twintip, surf or practice strapless freestyle with a surfboard, this kite adapts to almost all riding styles and will delight those who have fun in the water regardless the conditions!
And that without saying that it is the kite of choice of Carla Herrera, 2019 world champion!

You can find more info or even buy the latest Ocean Rodeo Prodigy here.
Also, you can check out our second hand kiesurf gear here.


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