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First impressions about Duotone Dice 2021

duotone dice 2021

We have already tested the all new Duotone Dice 2021 and we have found no surprises! It is still a super versatile kite that will allow you to change disciplines without having to change kites.

The Duotone Dice 2021 is a "C" shape kite with bridles that works exceptionally well for big air, but also, given its characteristics, works well for unhooked freestyle or wave riding.
If you like to adapt to weather conditions, the Dice 2021 is a kite that will make you enjoy any kite discipline!

News and construction

This year, all Duotone kites come with a new backpack design. It open horizontally and in our opinion maybe be a bit small and you have to pack up the kite quite well to fit it in. We come from previous years where we had quite spacious backpacks, so it will take some time getting used to.

backpack duotone 2021

Once you open the kite, you find what you expect from a Duotone. A very well made kite that takes care of all the details.

For 2021, Duotone continues using "Trinity TX" material, which is a fabric that has 3x2 threads in each square, making the construction more resistant and durable against time and impacts.
On their trailing edge they keep the same material that they already introduced last year. It is a fabric of 3x3 threads in each square that is significantly lighter than traditional dacron.

duotone dice 2021 10m

Duotone Dice incorporates 3 customization options on the rear lines. You can choose between placing the pigtail in the Soft, Medium and Hard setting.
With the Soft setting you will have a faster and more sensitive kite, with less bar pressure and that will deliver smooth power. It is the ideal setup if you want to do your first kiteloops or surf waves!

duotone dice 2021 settings

The Hard setting gives you a heavier feel on the bar, giving you better feedback and making the kite jump better and make more powerful loops. If you are going to freestyle unhooked, this is the recommended position.
For everything else, or to have an intermediate feel, place the pigtail in the Medium.

dice 2021 bridles

Finally, as a novelty in this 2021, the Duotone Dice continues to incorporate no pulley on the bridles, which makes it feel much more direct to the inputs on the bar but also, they have changed the material of the bridle lines for some thinner lines that according to Duotone, reduce drag and increase kite speed.

Duotone Dice 2021 SLS?

dice 2021 duotone

At the moment is NOT expected a version of the Dice 2021 SLS, that is, with the new ultralight and more resistant material that Duotone has developed called Penta Tx. It seems that we will have to wait until next year to get the Dice SLS!

Testing the Duotone Dice 2020

2021 duotone dice

We have had the opportunity to test the new Duotone Dice 2021 in different sizes. This kite is designed for jumping high and freestyle, but it will adapt to virtually any rider.
Its high end is VERY good, withstanding a lot of wind without deforming or making weird stuff. Its lift is very good, it seems that you are going in an elevator!
The hangtime is also good, but it is not comparable to other models like the Rebel. Making kiteloops is easy and feels super direct, so anyone who gets their hands on it is going to adapt fast.

It may not be the best kite of choice if you have just finished your kitesurf course, as it has some details such as the water relaunch, which is not as simple as with other models (especially in large sizes with low wind).

With big sizes, the slack is quite good, so you can do freestyle unhooked with ease. For this, we recommend using the small Click Bar without the V on!

The Duotone Dice 2021 has a super direct feel, making it a kite that also works for wave riding, although it has lost drift capabilities since the pulley was removed!
If you come from the 19 model or earlier, it has changed a lot in this aspect and has stopped being so versatile to focus more on jumps, kiteloops and freestyle.

Comparing Duotone Dice 2020 Vs Duotone Dice 2021

duotone dice 2021 by duotone

According to Duotone, new construction techniques and new materials have been applied with respect to 2020 Dice.
At first glance, it looks like the same kite with different colors adding just some details such as the lines of the bridle system.
The Duotone Dice 2021 in the air appears to behave in the same way as the previous year. And that's great news, because this is probably the best kite for strong winds you can find. Super compact, stiff and you can trust even in the toughest conditions.

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