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Test / review of Click Bar and Trust Bar 2020

duotone bars 2020

In this post we are going to show you the 2 bars that Duotone offers for 2020 season, their differences and how they are compared with last year's version.
The main difference between the Click Bar and the Trust Bar, besides price, is the way it has to de-power the kite. The Click bar depowers the kite through the rear lines and the Trust Bar through the front lines.

To depower the Duotone Trust Bar, we will do it in the traditional way, that is, pulling the handle and shortening the front lines, therefore lowering the leading edge and reducing power.
To depower the Duotone Click Bar, what we will do is press a button that will vary the length of the rear lines, increasing or reducing the power of the kite.

Duotone Click Bar 2020

duotone click bar 2020

The new Click Bar is a very simple and clean bar. It comes in 2 sizes, the S / M, which comes with 20m lines + 2m extensions. And the M / L that comes with 22m + 2m extensions. Being the bar itself shorter in the S / M 42cm than the M / L 49cm. Its main feature is the way to depower the kite, pressing the button, and powering by rotating the piece.
Bar has an adjustable V in height, to adapt to any style of riding and kite, so you can use this bar with virtually any kite on the market or vary the behavior of your Duotone kite.
Another feature to highlight is its plastic depower line that rotates the lines while you turn, so you will never have the center lines tangled!

Duotone Click bar 2020 Vs Click Bar 2019

duotone click bar 2020 vs 2019

There are no differences.. And when we say none, it means none! Even the colors remain from year to year!

Duotone Trust Bar 2020

duotone trust bar 2020

The Trust Bar is the traditional bar model like any other brand has.. Bar is still offered in sizes S/M 42/49cm with 19m and 22m of line, bar being shorter than the M/L 46/53cm, which brings 24m and 27m of line.
For the quick release system, they continue with a OneFlag system and maintain the same design from previous years.
The bar incorporates, like the last years, an adjuster for the length of the rear lines easy to manipulate and maintains the option of "Flipflop", by which you can adapt the length of the bar (from 42 to 49cm and from 46 to 53cm) just by pressing a button and turn the floats.
And of course, it maintains the Iron Heart, a quick, easy and reliable quick release system with the possibility of reassembling it without much complication even in the water.

Duotone Trust Bar 2020 Vs Trust Bar 2019

duotone trust bar 2020 vs 2019

Bar remains unchanged except for the colours.

Duotone Bar options:

You can choose what kind of chicken loop adapts to your riding preferences between:

Freeride Kit:

It's a very small chicken loop and very short leash. It is useful for people who do not unhook and only need to connect to the bar and go kiting. The leash is quite short and tangle free.

Freestyle Kit:

It is the standard chicken loop that we have been using last years and same for the leash, normal length.

Rope harness kit:

The chicken loop has a metal part that will slide by the rope of your harness (those that do not have hook). Leash is also the short version.

Wakestyle kit:

Large chicken loop to make way easier to hook and unhook your bar. Comes with long leash.

And finally, remember that ALL Duotone bars are 4 lines, and if you want to use the fifth line you must buy a kit and install it on the bar (it is not too expensive and the assembly takes 3 minutes).

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