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Los Lances Kitesurf Spot

The main Kitesurf Spot in Tarifa
rio jara kitesurf Tarifa

Spot Description:

Los Lances kitesurf spot is the usual beach for kitesurfing in Tarifa. Long and wide, it is perfect for kite practice. The winds in summer are usually west for large kites and levante for medium-small ones. In winter it is variable. During the summer season there are limited areas for both swimmers, kitesurfers and kite schools.
There are different places to park along the beach, such as Soccer Field, Rio Jara, Los Lances Norte, etc.

Los Lances Kitesurf Spot:

Spot Type: Variable

Winds: W (Poniente) / E (Levante)

Level: All

Reserved area in Summer: Yes

Kite Size: Variable

How to reach?

Rio Jara Spot is located leaving Tarifa direction to Cádiz, take the exit to the beach after passing the Rio Jara campsite. Out of season, in any access of Tarifa.


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