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Flite, the ultimate light-wind kite machine

ocean rodeo flite

Are you looking for a kite dedicated exclusively to light wind? Ocean Rodeo Flite is your kite!
The new Ocean Rodeo Flite is the highest performance kite for low wind days on the market. Available in 12m - 14.5m - 17m will delight those riders who are a bit heavier or those who lives in areas with light wind conditions.

Ocean Rodeo Flite Construction

or flite

The Ocean Rodeo Flite is a 3-strut kite built with ultra-light materials, making its weight the same as other brands 1-strut kites! This advantage in terms of weight and number of struts makes it much more stable and dynamic than its competitors.

flite ocean rodeo

As we have already mentioned, the kite is made with very light materials. For the canopy they use the standard Teijin D2 material, which offers a more than proven weight / durability ratio.
However, it is in the other materials such as the dacron and reinforcements where they have managed to lighten the kite as well as making it more resistant than its competitors.

Ocean Rodeo Flite Test and Analysis

ocean rodeo flite test

We had the opportunity to test the Ocean Rodeo Flite 12m and 14.5m.
There are 3 highlights of this kite.

The first part is obviously power. Its low end is really amazing, when you think you won't be able to ride, you can even go overpowered! But the unexpected comes in its high end!! When the wind picks up you will still be able to hold it without having to go out to change the kite.

The second feature to highlight is its turning speed. When you use a kite of this sizes you expect a slow and awkward kite, but the new Ocean Rodeo Flite is very agile and moves much faster than you expect!

The last point to highlight is water relaunch. You may think due to low winds it will be hard to relaunch it, but somehow the Flite is very simple to relaunch even on marginal winds.

Because of how it sits on the wind-window, going upwind is pretty easy. Its lift while jumping is good, but its hangtime is impressive! Doing board-offs with light wind has never been so easy! Twintip, strapless or even foil riders, will find in this kite a great option to jump on the water while other looks from the outside!

To make things even better, Ocean Rodeo just released their 2020 Flite with Aluula Frame. You can find all the info here.

If you are looking for a light wind kite, the Ocean Rodeo Flite should be on your list! It is a kite designed specifically for low winds that will allow you to squeeze those days when noone else is out there kiting!

Remember that if you are looking for used kitesurf equipment, we surely have what you need! Take a look to our gear listings or contact us!


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