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Test / review from North Click Bar

north click vs trust bar

After using the new North Click Bar for over 6 months, in this post we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the new North Click Bar for 2017 compared to the traditional Trust Bar or other brand bars.

Advantages of the Click Bar Vs Trust Bar

  • The biggest advantage that the Click bar offers against a traditional bar is its way of depower the kite. We dont talk about how to do it (by clicking or pressing the button), we mean that with this bar the lines that depower the kite are the back lines and not the front ones.
    In this way, the back lines always has tension so means the kite is always reactive even when fully depowered.

  • The depower line is covered in a very tough and hard plastic. This has some advantages, such as less deterioration and a automatic untwisting system. Even the guided safety line is untwisted to reach an optimum of safety.

  • The length of the bar is quite large, which makes a large kite feel a little faster. It also helps surfing, because in waves it is good to have a kite that reacts quickly.

  • The bar comes with the possibility of adjusting the height of the V of the front lines. You can put it without V, like most other brand bars, or play with its height to get a kite that best suits your way of kiting.

  • Delivered with a 4 line set up and adjustable to 22 m or 24 m line length.

north kiteboarding bars 2017

Disadvantages of Click Bar Vs Trust Bar

From our point of view, there are some details that can be fixed in the bar to improve it.

  • The size of the bar is quite large! For a kite of 14m or more, it may be fine but if you use smaller kites it is too long. Hopefully next year they bring one in S / M size!
    In addition, it does not include length adapters in the flotters as it does the trust bar (which modifies the length by some centimeters).

  • The shape of the depower line and where it passes in the bar makes the untwisting system works automatically, but as a disadvantage has that whenever you throw a kiteloop or a jump with rotation you cant correct the height of the bar as it is stuck.

  • The depower line is very long and the stopper does not really work. If there is soft wind, the stopper is kept in place but if the wind is strong it always moves up.

  • If you stretch a line or you have to change a pair, it is very difficult to trim the bar as there is nowhere to knots or adjust the length.

north click trus chicken loop

Conclusions on the North Click bar

After more than 6 months of using the bar, we can assure that it is a very comfortable bar to use and that will satisfy the great majority of riders. In this time we have only seen a fault in the central lines where the red line wears with a ring, but with an eye to that detail, the bar has endured very well all the use we have given in Tarifa.


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