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Which Duotone kite is the most appropriate for you?

duotone gear range 2020

For this year 2020 Duotone maintains the same line of kites that it had in previous years, although the kites have some changes.
If what you look for is Duotone kitesurf equipment, let's clarify which kite or board will adapt better to your riding style and spot conditions so you can get all the juice out of it.
Everything you are about to read below is a personal opinion based on our experience testing the equipment, but for sure it will help you to choose the gear that best suits you!

2020 Duotone Kites

As general information, in aspects as kite construction the only big change with respect to previous years has been the trailing edge. They have placed another fabric that makes the kite lighter, with all the benefits that entails.

2020 Duotone Rebel

The Rebel 2020 is the highest performance freeride kite in the range and has 5 struts. If you want to jump high and get massive hangtime, the Rebel is your best option.
Super stable, very good wind range, especially low-end in bigger kites, and a very easy and intuitive handling, makes it perfect for spots with gusty winds.
If you use a twintip under your feet and you don't think about riding unhooked, the Rebel 2020 may be probably the best Duotone kite in the range for you.
Recommended for any level.

Bonus: If your weight is high this is the best kite in the range.

2020 Duotone Evo

The 2020 Duotone Evo maintains a 3-strut delta design. It is a very versatile kite that will delight most users.
The Evo is used from kitesurfing courses to the King of the Air, so you can get an idea of its versatility. It works well with gusty winds, jumps and depowers very well.
It is a kite suitable for beginners, twintip advanced riders and even surfboards! Basically, it is a kite that does almost everything well.

If you have not yet defined your riding style to buy a specific kite, the Evo 2020 can be a great choice.
When you compare last year Evo vs 2020 there are some noticiable differences as there is no pulley on the bridles and that makes a more direct feeling and nicer turning.

Bonus: It's an ideal kite if you're a beginner.

2020 Duotone Dice

The 2020 Dice is a 3-strut "Open C" kite that is designed with a more freestyle orientation than the other kites in the range, but is not as freestyle foused as the Vegas.
This year they have removed the pulley in the central connections and together with other small changes, they have oriented the kite much more to a freestyle aspect and perhaps it is less versatile than in previous years.
Are you looking to make kiteloops / megaloops? This is the best kite in the Duotone range. It is a very stable kite, jumps very high and its kiteloop is very simple.
It is surely not the best kite for beginners, as the rider who will get better performance is the one who wants to jump and start with unhooked tricks.

As we have just said, the 2020 Dice is not a kite anymore as versatile as in previous versions and has become a more freestyle focused kite. If you already know that freestyle is your thing, but dont want to sacrifice jump, upwind and friendly-user skills, the Dice 2020 is the best option not only in the Duotone range, but probably in the market.

Bonus: If you use the Click Bar, you can adjust the height of the V to adapt the kite to a more freestyle session (low V or without V) or a megaloops session (normal V).

Check our 2020 Duotone Dice test / review here.

2020 Duotone Neo

The Neo 2020 is a 3 strut delta kite. It is a kite focused on surfing waves so if you use a surfboard under your feet, the Neo is without a doubt the best option of the Duotone range for you.

The Neo 2020 is a very powerful, direct kite that handles the gusty winds with ease. Its drift is excellent and its water relaunch very simple.
Sounds like a good kite for wave riding? It is, but the really surprising part is how versatile it is for other styles of riding or even for beginners! Thats why the Neo is our weapon of choice for our kitesurf courses in Tarifa. Stable, simple, powerful and with easy water relaunch!

Bonus: It is a VERY powerful kite. If you come from other models or brands, consider buying one size smaller!

Check our our Duotone Neo 2020 test here..

2020 Duotone Mono

The Mono 2020 keeps the same program as in previous years, that is, 4 lines and 1 strut. It is a kite designed to be as light as possible, and thanks to its low weight it is the best option for those who foils or rides in twintip with very very low wind.

When used in constant and soft winds, the Mono 2020 works smooth and nice. It offers a lot of power and has a very easy water relaunch, so if you use a foil under your feet, it is probably the best option in the Duotone range.
If you take the kite out of its comfort zone, that is, strong and gusty winds, the Mono might be not the best option as with single strut design wont work properly in this conitions. You have many better options if your spot doesnt offer this light and constant winds.

Bonus: For a few more euros you can buy a Neo / Evo that will be a much more versatile kite!

2020 Duotone Juice

The Duotone Juice is a kite specifically designed for light winds. It comes in 11m - 13m - 15m - 17m and the funny thing is that its wind range is virtually the same. The idea is that depending on your weight and type of board, you pick the size that best suits you. A great option for those days of very light wind while maintaining the stability of 3 struts.

2020 Duotone Vegas

Duotone Vegas 2020 is the most technical kite from the range and is fully focused on freestyle / wakestyle. It is a 5-lines "C" kite with all that this implies regarding to its wind range, ease of use, ability to go upwind, lift and water relaunch!.
If you are beginner, use a surfboard or you like to jump, basically any other Duotone kite will adapt better to you than Vegas. But if you are one of those who wants to do the most radical wakestyle and you already have some experience passing the bar, the Vegas combined with the short Click Bar is the best option in the range!

Bonus: If you are still doing your very first handle-passes or looking for a kite to throw kiteloops, the 2020 Dice is a better option!
Bonus 2: Playing with the height of the V in the Click Bar and the settings of the front lines on the kite you can get a very different kite behaviour.

Check out our 2020 Duotone Vegas test and review here.

2020 Duotone Bars

2020 Duotone Click Bar

The 2020 Click Bar is identical to 2019, even the colors! They keep the same 2 versions, a shorter S with 20 + 2m lines and a slightly longer M with 22 + 2m lines. Remember that the main difference between Click bar and Trust Bar is the way in which it depower. The Click Bar depowers by the rear lines and also includes the automatic system to untwist the lines during rotations and the possibility of varying the height of the V on the center lines.

Bonus: You can select between different chicken-loop sizes depending on your riding style. From wave riding to freestyle or wakestyle.

Check our 2020 Duotone Click Bar test and review here.

2020 Duotone Trust Bar

The Trust Bar is the traditional bar with a front lines depower. It works with any kite and is the most economical option in the range.

Bonus: You will also have to choose between different sizes of chicken-loops!

Check out our 2020 Duotone Trust Bar test and review here.

2020 Duotone Twintip range and guide

Depending on your riding style, Duotone offers kite-boards for everyone. From boards designed specifically for light wind, through freeride boards or even for the most radical wakestyle.

2020 Duotone Freeride / Freestyle Twintips

These kite boards are oriented to practically any rider out there. They are boards that will help you go upwind and are very comfortable to use, especially when there is a lot of chopy.
First, we have the 2020 Jaime, it is a board that has been with us almost from the beginning! Are you doing rotations and board-offs? This is probably the best option of the Duotone range. It is an all-terrain board that jumps and lands very well in addition to being super comfortable.
On the other hand we have the Select, which is a high performance board for those looking for comfort in the water. Surprise its grip and speed when you take it to the limits! Are you one of those with knee pain after riding? This may be your best option!

Bonus: Both have their Textremecarbon version.
Bonus 2: Buy the NTT pads / footstraps before the Vario, it costs more money but are infinitely more comfortable!

2020 Duotone Twintips for light wind / beginners

Here we find boards such as the Spike range, which is designed to be used in light wind conditions or even for heavier people. Its sizes are much larger than regular twintips. Its 3 variants can be a great option if your spot usually offers light wind.
And for beginners or as a first kite-board, we have the Gonzales. It is very easy to go up-wind with this board, it offers a lot of grip and above all, forgive those mistakes that are made when you are getting started!
Its ease of use makes it our board of choice for our kitesurf courses in Tarifa.

2020 Duotone Female Kiteboard

The 2020 Soleil is a specifically designed board for females. It is a bit narrower than normal twintips and according to Duotone the flexibility and response of the board has been adapted.

Bonus: You also have the option of Soleil Textreme (carbon variant).

2020 Duotone wakestyle / freestyle boards

And finally we have to talk about the boards oriented to those riders who rides with boots.
On one side we have the Team Series (also available in Textreme carbon), which is the board of choice of most riders competing in the GKA world championship. A lot of pop and controlled landings is the cover letter of the Team Series. If your thing is unhooked freestyle / wakestyle, this is your board!
Finally, we have the 2020 Gambler. This board has undergone a fairly pronounced re-design for this year, being fully oriented to park-riding and wake. In previous years the Gambler was something like a combination of 80% kitesurfing and 20% wakeboarding and by this 2020 they have reversed the percentages! If you're not sure, try before you buy it!

Bonus: You will only get 100% of these boards if you use them with boots.
Bonus 2: If you are a beginner, there are many better options that will help you progress and go upwind!

If you are looking for some great deals on Duotone second hand kites and boards take a look at our website.


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