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Ocean Rodeo Razor Gen 7 test

ocean rodeo razor

We have put our hands on the lastest Ocean Rodeo Razor. It is the most freestyle and kiteloop / big air oriented kite of Ocean Rodeo range for this 2019.


or razor

First impression when you open the backpack and pump it up for the first time is that you got a very well-made kite, and only by touching it you realize that it is one level above most other brands in terms of materials and construction.
The fabric of the kite is Teijin's D2 and for the trailing edge, tips, and most important parts they use a really nice dacron.
The kite comes with a wide inflation valve and one-pump.

razor 2019 pigtails

In the back lines you have 2 different setups to make the kite slower or faster (although it is quite fast wherever you place it).
In the front system there is also an option to give different bar pressure feeling.

or razor kite

Depending on the conditions, changing from one setup to another will make kiteloops easier or more radical. And if you want to do freestyle unhooked, the best option will be with higher bar pressure and placing the pigtail in "slow" mode.

Testing Ocean Rodeo Razor Gen 7

razor ocean rodeo

First thing that catches your eye is that OR Razor is a 4 strut kite, meaning there is no central one. Having a flat surface on the middle makes the kite to generate more power and better jumping capabilities.
The other point that catch your eye is the shape of the leading edge near the tips. According to OR with that shape, the kite is able to spin faster and after having tested the kites for a while, we can say that it definetly works.

All these features make the Razor 2019 a quite powerful kite in its low end, being a good kite on the high end.

or razor 2019
If you are looking for a kite to make kiteloops and jump high, the Razor 2019 will give you some epic sessions. As we have already said, its strong point is the turn. With a setup in the back lines for the fast turn, you can start throwing kiteloops in a simple way and knowing that the kite will always reach the top to recover you.
If you are looking for a kite to make more radical kiteloops, you just have to change the rear lines to the slowest setup and you will find a machine to loop it!

Throwing unhooked tricks with this Razor is nice and simple, it has good pop and very good slack beeing a kite with bridles, but having such a fast turn slightly impairs the ability to make some tricks. It is perhaps too fast, so if you are starting to do freestyle or are practicing a new trick it may be difficult. A good solution would be to shorten the bar a bit.

2019 ocean rodeo razor

From Ocean Rodeo range, this Razor is surely the kite most oriented to experienced riders and looking for a versatile kite to do freestyle and throw kiteloops when wind gets stronger.
If you are looking for a virtually indestructible kite that offers very high performance, Razor can be a very good option. It is a kite that will allow you to take your sessions to the next level.


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