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First impressions on the new Ocean Rodeo Crave HL

ocean rodeo crave hl

Ocean Rodeo has launched for this 2021 a new range of kites called HL (Hybrid Light). The new Crave HL continues to be the kite par excellence for those riders who use a surfboard, but also, due to its remarkable characteristics such as power, depower, water re-launch and ease of use, it is also a kite that will work great for any other kind of rider.

What is HL-series in Ocean Rodeo?

ocean rodeo hl

HL is Ocean Rodeo's name for its new range of hybrid kites blending dacron + Aluula. HL kites are 20% lighter than traditional standard kites and the only lighter kites on the market are those made entirely with Aluula.
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL weight:
ocean rodeo crave hl weights
To improve kites made with dacron, what they have done is to add aluula material to certain parts of the kite to improve its stability and handling. Struts and part of the leading edge now have aluula panels, making the kite lighter, more reactive, fast and stable.

Construction of Ocean Rodeo Crave HL 2021

ocean rodeo hl series

The new Ocean Rodeo Crave HL is still a 3 strut delta kite that uses the FST concept on the leading edge, providing a crisp, nimble, and controlled kite loops, ensuring world-class performance for strapless freestyle riding.
The kite feels lighter than any other dacron kite we have ever held in our hands, although not as remarkable as a kite made entirely with aluula!
But with Ocean Rodeo, lightness is not synonymous of non durable kites. The new Crave HL is designed to withstand the wildest wave sessions. Its dacron is stronger and lighter than the traditional dacron and supports higher pressure inflation!

ocean rodeo hl aluula parts
As additional data on its construction, it is surprising to see a kite without a zipper! The bladder is installed through the air valve, a very elegant solution that eliminates one of the weak points of all kites at once!
In addition, the new Crave HL comes with ultra thin bridles to improve the aerodynamic profile of the kite.

Testing Ocean Rodeo Crave HL

ocean rodeo crave hl 10m

The Ocean Rodeo Crave HL is a kite designed specifically for strapless riders , that is, surfing waves and doing tricks with a surfboard.
We have tested the kite in different sizes. First thing to note about the new Crave HL 12m and 10m is that they are fast kites and feel super light, allowing you to put the kite exactly where you need it at all times... something very useful when you are inside a wave! Drift of the new Crave HL is very good, being difficult to leave the lines without any tension! When you turn the kite inside the wave, it does not take you off the board, something that pure surfers will apreciate. They are quite powerful kites with a very good high end.
If what you are into is strapless freestyle, this kite is the tool you need in your quiver. It has a very good lift and hangtime with a tight kiteloop that will allow you to land all the tricks you want!

ocean rodeo crave 2021

In smaller sizes, Craves HL can handle a lot of wind, they have a huge high end! They are super stable even with our levante wind, which is quite gusty. If we can highlight a single point of this kite in small sizes, it is its rock-solid feeling in the air. Bar pressure is low - medium and catching waves with the new Crave HL is a joy!

In short, the new Crave HL is a kite designed specifically for strapless freestyle and wave kiters.. But it can also be recommended as beginners and freeride kite, as it is a super easy and powerful kite that rides upwind very well.. And it relaunches off the water in a very simple and fast way!


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