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Carla Herrera droping some lines about the all new Aluula kites!

Hey guys! Today we have Carla Herrera answering some questions about the all new Ocean Rodeo Aluula kites. Let´s go!

1. Do we have Aluula kites to test at Kite Fun Tarifa or yourself?

Yes! We have an Ocean Rodeo Roam 10m Aluula and an Ocean Rodeo Flite 14.5m Aluula for you to test. Drop us a call or a message at our instagram and you can test it!

2. Are Aluula kites much more powerful than a normal kite made with Dacron?

Yes, definitely. It is not that the Aluula kites develop more power, but the way they retain the power. There are no gaps in the power when you move the kite and so the kite generates power ALL the time. In this respect, the Aluula kites are a real improvement.

3. Are Aluula kites really so much lighter?

Yes! The lighter weight is really noticeable when you first get an Aluula kite out of its bag. The Aluula kites are SO light, that even in a breeze you always need to put something on top of the kite when parked or else it will fly away.

4. How does an Aluula kite feel in the air?

Well, I have been kiting for more than 14 years and in that time I have had the chance to fly a LOT of different kite brands and models. Aluula kites feel like nothing else in the air. They are very reactive, very powerful and hardly need any wind to stay in the air. It is the next big step in kite manufacturing and the kitesurfing industry.

ocean rodeo aluula kites

5. Is the Aluula material as super resistant as they say?

Well, I did not try to break any Aluula kites on purpose, but the material definitely feels way stronger than normal Dacron.

6. Are Aluula kites just for foiling?

I would say no. I had really nice sessions on a Flite 14.5m and I could even do some freestyle tricks with barely no wind.
With the Aluula Roam I even used it for some of my heats during the competition in Cape Verde and it is really amazing the way the kite moves and stays in the air even with no power. It seems that the Roam is a more of a kite oriented towards foiling, but when I used it for riding in waves it was also amazingly good as well.

7. What is the wind range?

Well, in my experience, you can go out and have a nice time on a 14.5m when there is hardly any wind and NO-ONE else is on the water, so on the low-end of the wind range the improvement is massive. On the higher ends of the wind range, the Aluula kites seem to have a lot of de-power, but I still have not had the chance to try them in really strong wind conditions.
With the Roam 10m, it is difficult to say what its low-end wind range capabilities are like, as that kite model is not super powerful, but for sure it flies with way less wind than other 10m kites. Foilers won’t believe how good Roam 10m kite is!

8. How can you test / buy an Aluula kite?

Well, soon we will have them here to test in Tarifa and if you are somewhere else, try to contact your local dealer.
You can already make a deposit to buy yourself an Aluula kite here.


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