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Practice hydrofoil in Tarifa

kitesurf foil Tarifa

Are you thinking to come to Tarifa to practice hydrofoil? Don´t know if the wind and sea conditions are good in Tarifa to foil?
A foil board has as its main characteristic its low demand for wind, that is, you can practice and have epic sessions with very very light wind. The board slides or levitates on its wing and thanks to this it produces very little resistance with the water and allows us to ride in marginal winds. In addition to all this, its upwind capabilities are unmatched!

Wind conditions to foil in Tarifa

foil kite course tarifa

In Tarifa, as you may already know, there are 2 types of wind. West, called poniente and east, called levante.

With poniente, even with forecast of 3 - 4 knots, there is always enough wind to fly a kite and with a bit of technique, it will be enough to have a nice foil sesh. Even if the wind forecast is strong poniente, the vast majority of days starts with a light wind and you will still find ideal conditions to go out to foil.

With Levante there is usually wind all day long, so you just have to choose where you want to ride and go for it.

Is Tarifa a good place to take a kitesurf hydrofoil course?

Definitely yes. It is probably one of the best spots in the world to take a course, learn and practice foil. The number of days that are good conditions for foil is over 90% during the year!

At Kite Fun Tarifa, we have Aluula kites, the latest revolution in low weight kites that are perfect for foiling. If you want to try it, just contact us! And if you also want to do a foil course to have the first experience and some good advice, get in touch!


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