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Duotone Click Bar Vs Duotone Trust Bar

duotone clickbar trust bar 2019

Duotone has for this 2019 two different bars, Trust Bar and Click Bar.

In this post we will try to explain the fundamental differences between both bars, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages.
The first thing is to understand the main difference between both bars, and this is, the depower system. One does it through the front lines (Duotone Trust Bar) and the other through the back lines (Duotone Click Bar).
To depower the Duotone Trust Bar, we will do it in the traditional way, that is, by pulling the handle located in the central lines. With this what we get is to shorten the front lines by lowering the leading edge and reducing the power.
To depower the Duotone Click Bar, what we will do is press a button that will vary the length of the back lines, increasing power of the kite.

Duotone Click Bar Vs Duotone Trust Bar

duotone click bar vs trust bar

The biggest advantage of the Click Bar over the Trust Bar is that by varying the length of the back lines, you will never have any bump in the back lines, and this means that when you depower a lot your kite, it will still be reactive and without delay. In the Trust Bar, as in any traditional bar, when you depower it by reducing the length of the front lines, the rear ones stay longer and with this the kite loses reactivity.

Another difference is the depower line. In the Click Bar this line is made of very hard and resistant plastic. Its advantage is that it makes work perfectly the automatic untwisting system and the redline (safety line) goes inside, besides not suffering any wear.
The disadvantage is that when making rotations and kiteloops, its difficult to move the bar through the twisted plastic.
In the Trust Bar we have a regular depower line, the advantage is that the bar rotates easily. The fundamental disadvantage is the wear and tear and when making rotations, the redline also rotates with you, so if you make a lot of rotations only in one way, your red line will be twisted.

duotone click bar 2019
For this 2019, Duotone has also introduced an S size in the Click Bar! One of the biggest inconveniences that the Click Bar (formerly North) has had in previous years has been its size, was very long for small kites or wakestylers. This year they have introduced a significantly shorter one that comes with lines of 20m + 2m, and the standard one keeps 22m-24m. In the Trust Bar we find size S-M with 19 or 22m line, and M-L with 24 or 27m.

More differences are the V of the frontal lines. In the Trust Bar, the V of the lines is fixed, if you use the S-M the V is a little lower than if you use the M-L. In the Duotone Click Bar, you can move the height of the V depending on your preferences. This is especially useful for those who want jump high and other days want to do wave riding or wakestyle... Changing the V of your bar will change the way your kite behaves.

The safety system, Iron Heart, is the same in both cases. A system that has been with us for many years and has always been fast, clean and reliable.

duotone chicken loops
Whichever bar you buy, you can choose between different chickenloops:

Freeride Kit:

It is a quite small chicken loop and very short leash. It is useful for people who do not unhook. Comes with a very short leash.

Freestyle Kit:

It is the standard chicken loop that we have been using for the last years and comes with normal leash length.

Rope Kit:

The chicken loop has a metal part that will be the one that slides through the rope of your harness (those that do not have a hook). The leash is also the short version.

Wakestyle Kit:

The chicken loop is much larger than the freestyle one and is the right choice for those who unhooks. The leash is the normal neoprene version.

Finally, few words about the discontinued Wakestyle bar. Duotone has decided to descatalog the Wakestyle Bar, and as a replacement for the wakestylers that use the Vegas, offers the Click Bar S (only about 5cm longer), but with the option to set the bar without V, resulting on more pop and slack with Vegas. Remember that you will have to buy a set of 5th line separately! And if you want to use the Hadlow Setup, you will also have to buy it separately!


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