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Duotone 2019 kitesurf Bar

duotone trust bar 2019

Here we have the new Duotone bar for 2019! As its predecessor, the North Trust Bar is still possibly the best bar on the market.
The bar incorporates, as in recent years, an adjuster for the length of the back lines easy to manipulate and maintains the option of "Flipflop", by which you can adapt the length of the bar just pushing a button and turning the floats.
And of course, it keeps the Iron Heart, a quick, easy and reliable release system with easy reassembling even in the water.

Duotone 2019 bar options:

As they introduced last year, for this 2019 Duotone gives you options for your chicken loop depending on your riding style:

Freeride Kit:

It is a quite small chicken loop and very short leash. It is useful for people who do not unhook. Comes with a very short leash.

Freestyle Kit:

It is the standard chicken loop that we have been using for the last years and comes with normal leash length.

Kit para arnés con cuerda:

The chicken loop has a metal part that will be the one that slides through the rope of your harness (those that do not have a hook). The leash is also the short version.

Wakestyle Kit:

The chicken loop is much larger than the freestyle one and is the right choice for those who unhooks. The leash is the normal neoprene version.

They keep the ring where the safety leash is connected, which has a different shape that does not move around the chicken loop and always stays in the same position when the kite is depowered.

Duotone bar is still offered in sizes S / M with 19m and 22m of lines lengh, being the bar a bit shorter than the M / L, which brings 24m and 27m.
For the quick release system, they continue with OneFlag system and maintain the same design as in previous years.

All Duotone 2019 bars are 4 lines, and if you want to use the fifth line you must buy a kit and install it. Watch out Vegas users!

Even with the rebranding from North to Duotone, the bar is still compatible with all North kites from 2018 and prior years!

Duotone Bar 2019 Vs North 2018

duotone bar 2019 vs north bar 2018

And now the million dollar question! Has this bar changed anything with rebranding from North to Duotone? Absolutely nothing. The new Duotone Trust Bar is exactly the same as the previous North Trust Bar, the only thing that has changed has been the colors.

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