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First details of the Ocean Rodeo Rise 2022

ocean rodeo rise

After months of rumors, we finally have the new Ocean Rodeo Rise! A kite built entirely with Aluula material that will be the ultimate weapon for those who practice big air!

The Ocean Rodeo Rise is an "open-C" kite with bridles and 5 struts that works exceptionally well for big air, but due to its construction with Aluula making it super light and rigid, it will work very well also for freeride.
If you like strong emotions and are looking to jump a few extra meters.. the Rise 2022 is a kite that will make you fly like you have never flown before!

News and construction

Ocean Rodeo kites come with very spacious backpacks where the kite will fit without any problem. The Rise includes its manual and a repair kit that even includes self-adhesive Aluula.

backpack ocean rodeo aluula

When you take the kite out of the backpack, you find what you expect from Ocean Rodeo, a VERY well-made kite that takes care of all the details.

For the Rise, 82gsm (grams per square meter) Aluula is used for the struts and leading edge. For those who are confused, Aluula material is 50% lighter and 2x stiffer than traditional dacron. These characteristics give the kite exceptional performance.

For the kite fabric, Ocean Rodeo continues to use Teijin D2, which is a high performance fabric and fairly standardized in the industry. All these materials make a 10m Rise about 2kg lighter than any other 5-strut kite out there!

OR rise

The Rise incorporates 3 customization options in the rear lines where you can choose the turning speed of the kite.
With the pigtail in the fastest setting you will have a super fast and responsive kite, with less bar pressure and that will deliver power more smoothly. It is the ideal configuration if you want to do your first kiteloops or just freeride around!

settings ocean rodeo rise

The lower speed pigtail gives you a heavier feel on the bar, giving you better feedback and making the kite jump better and make more powerful loops. As a warning, say that even in this configuration you will find a VERY fast and reactive kite.
The default configuration is the central one, and it is where the kite is very comfortable to do anything. If you are looking for simpler kiteloops, then the fastest option will surely be the ideal one for you, while if you are looking for radical kiteloops, the slow one will be the best option.

The Ocean Rodeo Rise 2022 includes a very fine bridle system that helps its aerodynamics by reducing drag. The connection to the front lines is direct, avoiding pulleys.

Testing the Ocean Rodeo Rise 2022

ocean rodeo rise 2022

We have had the opportunity to test the new Ocean Rodeo Rise from its prototypes to the final version. This kite has only one objective: BIG AIR; jump very high and do kiteloops.
Its high end is exceptional, its construction in Aluula means that there are no deformations even in the most extreme conditions. Its lift is superior to any kite! Its turning speed added to its rigidity will make you smash all your WOO records.
The hangtime is also very good, opening up a world of possibilities in all your tricks. Making kiteloops has never been so easy, it is a kite that will always recover from loops and will not let you down.

rise 2022 ocean rodeo

The Rise 2022 in large sizes such as 11m-12m opens up a new world of possibilities for doing big air in less windy conditions. The 12m turns like a 9m, making possible to practice tricks that were unthinkable in light wind conditions.
The medium sizes like 9m-10 have a super high end, so you can stretch them quite a bit. We have thoroughly tested the 10m and the only thing we can say is that it is the best kite we have ever tried on a twintip.
The Rise 7m and 8m are kites that seem to have no high end limit, even with our super gust in levante winds. In gusty wind, the kite performs amazingly, without a single deformation even in the strongest and most wild gusts. In the first session with the 7m we were already scoring 25m with the WOO!
The Rise 2022 is a high aspect ratio 5 strut kite that will take you to the next level.

Comparison of the OR Rise with other Big Air kites

OR rise 2022

A Big Air kite is a kite designed to jump high, do kiteloops and spend as much time in the air as possible. A good Big Air kite always has 5 struts and they are high aspect ratio.
What makes the new Rise special is the Aluula material. This material is 2x stiffer and 50% lighter, which allows optimizing the kite and its shape thanks to the properties of the material. Its ability to take higher inflation pressures makes the kite behave much better in extreme winds and is more direct in handling with the bar.

The new Ocean Rodeo Rise 2022 is the definitive kite that will take you to the next level!

If you want to try the new Ocean Rodeo Rise, you just have to stop by our Ocean Rodeo Pro store in Tarifa!

Remember that if you search used Ocean Rodeo gear you have our website with some opportunities!


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