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2018 North Kites

After receiving many questions both on the beach and by mail, with this post we will try to clarify how to choose the North kite that best suits your style. This classification is personal and based mostly on our experience, but we are sure that it will help you to choose the kite that best suits you to get the most out of it.

North Evo.

It is a very stable 3 struts kite, which works in 4 lines and jumps reasonably well. It is a kite that will be good for almost all riders because it works more or less well in any condition and can be adapted to any level and type of style. Let's say it is the best kite if you have not yet defined your riding style and you spend less than 20% of your time unhooked. This kite is quite powerful in its range below.

North Dice.

It is very good kite for those who want to start to unhook a little and begin to have a more freestyle orientation. It also has good drift capacity, that is, it travels well if you surf a wave so it will also work well for wave riding.
It has good capabilities whether you want to unhook or want to surf, but it maintains an easy re-launch and good wind range, but remember that it is a kite that is not as powerful at the low end as others, but that stretches its range at the high end a lot.
It is a kite that works well if you start to unhook but still enjoy surfing waves and doing freeriding.
Dice and Evo will work good in any spot and with any riding style.

North Neo.

If you have a wave board under your feet, this is your kite. When you enter the wave, the kite drifts with you and makes it very easy to concentrate on the wave and not on the kite. At the same time, it is a kite with a fast and easy re-launch and with a very good jumping ability. This is a kite that offers a lot of power, so you can buy one or two meters less of this kite and you will get the same power as with other models.

From our point of view, it is the best kite in the North range for those riders who are starting or want to do a bit of everything. It is our choice for our kitesurf courses in Tarifa , where the conditions sometimes are not the nicest. Its power, easy re-launch and ease of use make the kite that we recommend to most riders.

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North Rebel.

The North Rebel is the kite to jump and fly in the air. Its wind range is very good and it works exceptionally well in gusty winds, since with small movements in the bar you get great variations in power.
If you are looking for a kite to jump and fly, this is the best choice you have. In addition, the new North Rebel 2018 is a kite that can now be flown in 4 lines. It is a fairly powerful kite in its low range, so beware of the small sizes! If you do not think about unhooking and you want to fly, this is your kite!

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North Mono.

It is a 1-strut and 4-line kite that works well with light wind due to its low weight. It is a kite that brings out its capabilities if you use a foil under your feet.
We only recommend this kite if in your spot the wind is very light and you want to make foil, otherwise any other kite will work better because its 1-rib design makes it a little bit unstable in gusty winds and deteriorates very fast with its vibrations.
But above all, for the same price you can buy a North Neo!!!

North Juice.

It works very well for heavy people or for places where there is usually not much wind. Its characteristics are very similar to the North Neo, and it is a very good kite for those places where almost there is no wind!

North Vegas.

North Vegas is a very technical kite from which you will only get the best if you are already making passes in the air. If you spend more than 80-90% of your time unhooked and you already make passes in the air, this is the best option. If your level is not there yet, you should go for a Dice or Evo, since your progression will be easier and you will not sacrifice hangtime, lift and ease of use.

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