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If you come to Conil or surroundings, Tarifa is the best place for your kitesurfing course

kitesurf courses conil

Do you come on holidays to Conil and want to do a kitesurf course? Kite Fun Tarifa school offers kitesurf courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced kitesurf courses where you can learn what you want!
Tarifa is located only 40min from Conil and offers the ideal conditions to learn kitesurfing throughout the year. If you are still not convinced, take a look at our reasons to come from Conil to do your kitesurf course.

1. Daily Wind..

kitesurf courses conil

Tarifa is known worldwide for its wind and temperature conditions.
It does not matter if it blows east or west, here we have wind every day and you will not have to wait several days to complete your kitesurfing course.

2. The most prepared instructors in Europe.

kite course Conil

If you come from Conil to do your kite course, you can be sure that you will be taught by one of the most prepared instructors in Europe. Here we teach more people to do kitesurfing in a month than anywhere else for a year or more!
Our experienced instructors will make you learn kitesurfing in an efficient, safe and fast way. If you are coming on a vacation to Conil or surroundings, come and do your kitesurf course with us !

3. Bounded beaches.

kitesurf course chiclana

Here the biggest demand is kitesurf, so our beaches are marked with areas for different activities. If you are on vacation in Conil, Zahora, Barbate ... and you try to practice there you will surely have some problem with the swimmers!

Do not hesitate and come from Conil to do your kitesurf course with us, you will not regret!


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