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Duotone kitesurf bar for 2023

Duotone trust bar 2023

The new Duotone Trust bar 2023 has been with us for a few months now and is still the easy and simple kitesurf bar it has always been.

It has a system that allows you to easily adjust the rear lines to achieve a better adjustment to wind conditions, or if, for example, the lines stretch. In addition, it incorporates a system to adjust the floats, which allows you to customize the width of the bar and affect the turning speed of the kite.

Trust Bar 2023 Updates

chicken loop duotone 2023

The safety system is one of the innovations for this bar, the Trust Bar 2023 incorporates a new chicken loop, the Iron Heart VI, which guarantees a safe quick release.
The system is smaller and more compact, but the big news is that Duotone has finally introduced a "seat belt" type system, which means that after opening the safety system, to re-arm it, You just have to insert the metal part and listen to the click! We finally have a fast and safe system to reset the chicken loop.

The new Trust Bar 2023 has changed the general configuration of the lines and their layout. Duotone kites no longer need a high "Y", and from now on you can fly the kites with a low "V" , so the first change has been to add a "V distributor", that is, a piece that allows you to raise, lower or eliminate the V of the front lines. With this change, Duotone bars are now compatible with any other brand kites.

duotone v distributor

Another change associated with the previous change is that the red line, or safety line, has finally become elastic (forget about depowering the kite and having a red line hanging from the bar) and they have also added some bearings on the base of the chicken loop that will make the red-line not fully twisted after a session!
The Duotone bar lines are still the Flite99, which have proven to be much more resistant and durable than previous versions!

Chicken loop options:

Duotone maintains the choice of chicken loop type for your Trust bar, to fully adapt to your riding style:

Freeride Kit:

It is a very small chicken loop with a very short leash. It is useful for people who do not get unhooked and just need to connect to the bar and go riding. The leash is very short so it doesn't bother you.

Freestyle Kit:

It is the standard chicken loop that we have been using for the last few years and the same for the leash, being of normal length.

Kit for rope harness:

The chicken loop has a metal part that will slide through the rope of your harness (those without a hook). The leash is also the short version.

Wakestyle Kit:

The chicken loop is quite larger than the freestyle loop and is geared towards the unhooked riders. The leash is the normal neoprene version.

Duotone Bar 2023 Vs 2022

2023 duotone trust bar

For this 2023, the Trust Bar is only sold in size S, that means that the bar is what we know as short. The width between the rear lines is 42cm but with the option of rotating the floats, it can reach 49cm. The bar is equipped with 22m + 2m extension lines.

The bar is 4 lines, so if you need the fifth line, you will have to buy the kit separately! And remember, the Duotone Trust Bar is still 100% compatible with previous Duotone models and also from the North era.

The updates from this bar have been significant as we have already seen, but the essence and soul of this bar remains the same. Changes in the chicken loop, the distribution of the lines and red-line do nothing but improve the great feeling we always had with this bar. And best of all, the new Duotone bar is finally compatible with the vast majority of kites on the market.

If you are looking for new or used Duotone Kiteboarding gear ,take a look in our webshop!


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