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First contact with the new Neo 2019

duotone neo 2019

We have already tried the new Duotone Neo 2019 and we have many things to tell you!
The Duotone Neo is a kite designed specifically to ride with a surfboard under your feet, either to make waves or strapless freestyle.
In fact, if you follow a bit the world of competition, you will know that they are always taking the first places in the ranking! But if you're still not in those levels, it does not matter, the Duotone Neo is a kite that by its characteristics is also ideal for beginners and that is why it is our choice to give our kitesurf courses in Tarifa.

Duotone Neo 2019 construction

duotone Neo 2019 construction

This year Duotone is still using as last year Trinity fabric, which is built with 3x2 threads per square, making it more resistant and durable. It also maintains the wide one-pump system tubes, which make inflating and deflating faster and less tiring.
As in previous years, the bridle system includes 2 settings in the leading edge from which you can adjust to have a kite more oriented to waves or freeride. Changing between one setting or another you can choose between having more depower, better drifting or greater jumping ability.
In the rear pigtails, we found a setting with less bar pressure to make the kite faster and reactive and another setting where the bar has more pressure and makes kite turn more deeply in the window and a little slower.

duotone neo 2019 pigtails
The Duotone Neo has the construction of past years, and that's great news. Outline, trailing edge, leading edge and tips in dacron in addition to patches in the area of the strutts where the valves are located. All this together with the fabric makes the construction of the kite very compact and resistant.

Testing the new Duotone Neo 2019

duotone neo 19

We have tested the new Duo Neone 2019 in 12m with the short click-bar and about 18 knots.

Year after year, the feature that is most noticeable when you test the Neo is its power and how easy and intuitive it is to fly the kite. If you go with a surfboard, it is always recommended to take 1 or 2 meters of kite less than usual!

 Kite develops the power progressively and its low end is very good, being correct in high end. The sensation in the bar is to be a very reactive, direct and always with power to offer. Its re-launch is easy, simple and fast. It is a kite that behaves very noble, simple and makes it probably the best kite and the most successful of Duotone range for this 2019.

Duotone Neo 2019 vs. North Neo 2018

neo 2019 by duotone

As you all know, there has been a name change in the brand, but not in the models. The kite, as usual, is a small evolution of the 2018 Neo. Visually, the kite looks more flat in the center but when you are on the water, we have not noticed any difference. Perhaps when the kite is brought to proper waves is when these changes come to light.
Kiters that come from the Neo of previous years, are going to find practically the same kite, which is very good news.
Kiters coming from other kites will find what is probably the best wave kite and valid for all levels of the market.

neo duotone 2019
If we have to summarize, the Neo continues to maintain its main characteristics that are a lot of power, very good feeling at the bar, easy re-launch and above all, a very compact kite.

If you already use a wave board or are thinking about starting, then the Neo must be your kite. Its ease of use and relaunch coupled with the very good wind range makes the Duotone Neo 2019 the best choice to ride strapless or start in the sport, which is why in Kite Fun Tarifa we use it to give our kitesurf courses in Tarifa .

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