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Duotone Click Bar and Trust Bar 2021 Full Review

2021 duotone bars

For 2021 Duotone continues producing the same 2 bar models that they have offered in recent years and for this season, they come with new features.
For the new ones, just point that the main difference between both bars is their way of depowering the kite, in addition to other details such automatic untwisting safety system, plastic depower line, etc. The Trust Bar depowers the kite in a traditional way, that is, by acting on the front lines of the bar. On the other hand, the Click Bar depowers the kite through the back lines.

Duotone Trust Bar 2021

duotone trust bar 2021

The Duotone Trust Bar has been around for many years and has always been simple and functional.
The Trust Bar is offered in sizes S / M of 42 / 49cm, being able to choose between 19m and 22m of lines, being a bit shorter than the M / L of 46 / 53cm, in which you can choose between 24m and 27m of line.
If you ride normally in a ligh wind spot and you use sizes of 12m or larger, the M / L will be the bar that will give you a bit more power by having the lines longer and making the kite a bit faster due to those extra cms. On the other hand, if you normally use 12m or smaller kites, surely the 22m bar will be the one that best suits you, leaving the 19m line bar for very strong winds.

The great novelty of the Duotone bars for 2021 are the new lines. The new FLITE99 are thinner and more resistant lines. A change that Duotone users have been demanding for years.
The bar maintains the Iron Heart release system, which has proven to be reliable and that when opened, acts on one of the power lines completely depowering the kite.
The bar incorporates, as in recent years, an adjuster for the length of the rear lines easy to manipulate and maintains the "Flipflop" option, by which you can adjust the length of the bar (from 42 at 49cm in the S / M and from 46 to 53cm in the M / L) by pushing of a button and turning the floats.

Duotone Trust Bar 2021 Vs Trust Bar 2020

duotone trust bar 2021

The main change of the Trust Bar 2021 with respect to the previous model has been the all new FLITE99 lines. The rest of the bar remains the same, only with new colors.

Duotone Click Bar 2021

duotone click bar 2021

The Click Bar is the most advanced bar that Duotone offers. It is a very clean and simple bar that, thanks to its customization options, will adapt to all riders and kites. It is offered in 2 sizes, the S / M of 42cm, which comes with 20m lines with + 2m extensions and the M / L of 49cm that comes with 22m + 2m lines. Its main characteristic is the way of depowering the kite, by pressing the button, and powering by turning the piece.
There are several aspects to highlight of the Click Bar over the Trust Bar. In the Click Bar the V of the front lines is variable, being able to place the split point anywhere to better adapt to your way of riding or any kite on the market. The behavior of your kite changes significantly if you raise or lower the V.

A great advantage of the Click Bar over the vast majority of bars is its automatic untwisting safety system, that keeps lines automatically untwisted during rotations, making the preparation of the bar and riding much more comfortable.
And as we mentioned before, the new Click Bar 2021 incorporates the SK-99 lines that are thinner and more resistant.

Duotone Click bar 2021 Vs Click Bar 2020

duotone click bar 2021

The Click Bar 2021 is basically the same bar to the 2020, the only parts that has changed has been the new lines and colors.

Options for your Duotone 2021 bar:

duotone 2021 lines

Remember that ALL Duotone bars comes with 4 lines, and if you want to use the fifth line you will have to buy a kit and install it on the bar (it is not too expensive and assembly takes 3 minutes).
Continuing with the fifth line, if the kite you are going to use is a Duotone Vegas, we recommend you choose the small Click Bar with the wakestyle chicken loop.

You can choose over different kind of chicken loops:

Freeride Kit:

It's a very small chicken loop and very short leash. It is useful for people who do not unhook and only need to connect to the bar and go kiting. The leash is quite short and tangle free.

Freestyle Kit:

It is the standard chicken loop that we have been using last years and same for the leash, normal length.

Rope harness kit:

The chicken loop has a metal part that will slide by the rope of your harness. Leash is also the short version.

Wakestyle kit:

Large chicken loop to make way easier to hook and unhook your bar. Comes with long leash.

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