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Kite 2020 Vegas test and review!

duotone vegas 2020

We put our hands on the latest Duotone Vegas 2020. Vegas is a "C" shape kite with 5 lines that is ready to kill it with the most extreme unhooked tricks.
Let's be clear, if you are just starting to kitesurf, this is NOT a kite for you, but if you are looking for a kite to move to the next level in your wakestyle, Vegas 2020 is the answer.

News and construction:

When you unbox the Duotone Vegas 2020 you find what you expect, a well-made kite with the quality that Duotone always offers.
Vegas is a model that has been practically unchanged for the last 6 seasons and for this 2020, the only appreciable change is the trailing edge.

kite vegas 2020
Duotone has removed of all its kites for this 2020 dacron of the trailing edge and has changed it to a double fabric of 3x3 threads per square.
With this change they lighten the kite and according to them, make it more durable. Time will tell!

For the rest of the kite it maintains as in previous years the "Trinity TX", which is a fabric that has 3x2 threads in each square, making a resistant construction durable to time.

pigtails vegas 2020
The Duotone Vegas has different setups to suit your personal taste or wind conditions.
On the back lines we find the classic Soft / Medium / Hard setting setup.

Putting the pigtail in Soft Setting makes a kite with less bar pressure, faster and that will pull kiteloops more closed and soft in addition to developing the power in a more linear and smooth way.
On the other hand we find the Hard Setting configuration, where the kite has higher bar pressure, handling is more precise, its rotation and kiteloop is more open (generates more power) and above all, it makes the kite slower and less sensitive.
The Medium Setting is a setup halfway between the two and is the one that comes by default.

vegas 2020 setup
We can also setup the front lines between a High Depower / Medium depower / Low Depower configuration.
With High Depower the kite jumps and turns better, so for big air is surely the best option and with Low Depower you can get the most out of slack and pop, key features to unhook.

Duotone Vegas 2020 Test:

2020 duotone vegas

"C" shape kite, 5 lines and 5 struts. 2020 Vegas is a fully oriented freestyle / wakestyle kite.
What makes this kite so special for wakestylers is its incredible power release delay; when you pop, the kite flies forwards in the window creating slack in the lines allowing you to perform freestyle tricks with ease.
Another highlight is its good wind range being a "C" shape and water relaunching .

Keep in mind, especially if you try the kite only one day, that there are many options to setup a Vegas that make its behavior vary a lot.
You can find different setups on the front and rear pigtais but also the height of the V in the bar. If you use a Trust Bar the V is high (and fixed) making it not the best choice if you want to do wakestyle. In this case, best option is to use a Click Bar with low V or directly without V, this way you will get the best out of Vegas!

The Duotone Vegas is the best option if you are fully focused into wakestyle tricks, for any other discipline you will find much better kites than this one!

Duotone Vegas 2019 vs Duotone Vegas 2020:

 vegas 2020 vs 2019

If we compare directly the Vegas of last year with this 2020, there are practically no changes. As we said before, the trailing edge has changed (as in the entire Duotone 2020 range), but not much more. Kite may feel a bit faster, but comparing the same size from one year to another practically feels the same in the air.
Those who come from older models will feel at home with the new Vegas 2020.

The Vegas 2020 is the perfect kite if you are already making your first handle passes and want to step to the next level .. If unhooked tricks are your priority, Duotone Vegas 2020 is what you need!


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