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News and differences between the Glide A-series and HL-series

wing ocean rodeo glide

Here you have the new wings of Ocean Rodeo, the Glide. These wings are positioned as one of the market leaders and we are going to break down the reasons. Ocean Rodeo offers the wings with 2 different construction types, the A-series built entirely with Aluula and the HL-series, which combine Aluula with traditional materials.

Ocean Rodeo Glide A-series

ocean rodeo glide aluula

The Ocean Rodeo Glide A-series is a wing built in FULL ALUULA, that means that all its parts are made with that material.

For those who are a bit lost, the Aluula material is a material that replaces traditional Dacron and is 2 times lighter and 2 times stiffer. These properties give the wing a much more rigid structure and makes it much lighter. Due to this rigidity, the Ocean Rodeo wings have smaller diameters in the leading edge and strut, which make it much more manageable, especially in bigger sizes.

a-glide wing ocean rodeo

The OR Glide Aluula wing is the lightest wing on the market and the stiffest, which makes it the ideal wing for light winds, as it does not flex it generates MUCH more power than a traditional wing. The leading edge holds 9 PSI and the strut 12 PSI, basically rock hard!

Its low-end is exceptional due to its stiffness, and its surfing drift is second to none, but if we've noticed anything when comparing it to other wings, it's that on your first jump, you are already jump much higher than with any other wing. Probably the Aluula Glide is the best wing on the market!

Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-series

wing ocean rodeo glide hl

The Ocean Rodeo Glide HL is the wing built combining Aluula and Dacron, which is the traditional material used in the industry. The big difference between the HL and the rest of the wings is that its strut is made entirely of Aluula, which gives it much more rigidity and reduces the diameter, in addition, it is pumped up to 12 PSI. The rest of the wing has some parts with Aluula to give it an extra stiffness. Even with this, the Glide HL is the second lightest wing on the market, only under the full Aluula A-Glide.

Accessories for the wings

All Ocean Rodeo wings come standard with very comfortable handles for the hands. There are 2 different ways to mount the handles, depending on personal preference. The first is as it comes from the factory, that is, 3 handles mounted. This setup works great for freestyle and waves.

The Ocean Rodeo wing handle mounting system also offers the possibility of mounting only 2, "stretching" the handles, in this configuration you have a harder and more sensitive feel of the wing, and it is the best for freeriding or racing. It is the one we recommend:

setup ocean rodeo wings

Ocean Rodeo also has carbon handles that are easily interchangeable with the standard handles. These handles are very easy to use, and will delight those riders who prefer the feel of a handle of this type:

carbon fiber handles ocean rodeo glide

Soon we will also have an extendable carbon bar that can be adapted to any wing size, but it is yet to come!

You can find more info or buy the Ocean Rodeo Glide here or at our Ocean Rodeo Pro Center store in Tarifa!
Also, take a look at our second-hand kites and wings here!


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