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News about North Evo 2018

north evo 2018

We have tried the new North Evo 2018! This year offers a completely different shape and the reduction from 5 to 3 strutts.
The Evo is possibly the most versatile kite in the North range for this 2018. Good range of wind, especially low end, massive lift and hangtime plus a great upwind capacity and easy re-launch make this kite an ideal option for almost any rider.

News and construction

Once we opened the kite, we found the typical North construction as recent years.
We find dacron on the trailing edge, tips, beginnings of strutts and everything connected to each other.

As a novelty that is included in all the kites of North for 2018 we have the material "Trinity TX", which is a fabric that has 3x2 in each square, making the construction more resistant and durable during time. They have also changed the valves of the one-pump making them wider to pump and deflate faster.

The most significant change of the North Evo 2018 is its shape. By 2018 they have discarded the shape they had been using in recent years to pass to clearly very delta shape and use only 3 strutts.

In the pigtails the classic options of the North kites are included, that is, you can choose different settings to make the kite turn faster or slower and with a wider diameter or less.

Trying North Evo 2018

Hands up for those who have tried the Evos of the early decade ... Any in the room? From 2009-2013, we all loved the Evo! For those who did not know it, it was a powerful, easy kite, that jumped incredible and great high/low end.. Well, that feeling has returned again with the Evo 2018! I would dare to say that it is the best North kite has this year in its catalog that is focused on the majority of riders!

If you ask me if the new Evo 2018 is like 2017? I would say no. The kite is quite versatile, has good hangtime and a very good lift, especially when you start to go a little bit overpowered! The handling is very simple and intuitive, it is very easy and the relaunch is a children's game .. We can say that it is a VERY good kite for all levels.

The Evo 2018 would possibly be the kite that we would recommend to the great majority of riders out there!
All this makes it one of our kites of choice to give our Kitesurf courses in Tarifa !

Remember that if you are looking for used North Kiteboarding material you have our website with some opportunities!


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