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How to keep your kitesurf equipment in good shape

kitesurf equipment maintenance

Did you just start kitesurf and still do not know very well how to keep your kiteboarding equipment in the best conditions?
With this post we will try to give you all the tips to keep your kite equipment during and after each session. Lets go one by one!


kite maintenance

The first thing is to always prepare your kite in the cleanest part of the beach to avoid cuts and others. When you inflate the kite, make sure it is hard, if it is not, it will deform and the material will suffer.
Another point to keep in mind is to park it on the beach. Always put sand or something to keep the kite stuck to the ground and avoid flapping. Do not have it under the sun and the wind unnecessarily, mount it when you go to the water and pack it once you leave.
When you pack it, make sure it is well folded, wrinkle free and dry. It is not necessary to sweeten the kite each time it is used! Once a while it is recommended, especially if you throw the kite many times into the water.
Try to not keep your kites inside of the car or places with high temperatures, this will reduce the life span of your kite.

Bar and lines:

kitesurf bar maintenance

It is the most delicate part of your kitesurfing equipment, because if you break a line while practicing kitesurfing, your session will usually end badly!
If you usually surf in a spot with rocks, it is good to check them often to see that there are no cuts or knots (a knot reduces the resistance of the line by 50%). A must after each session, sweeten the bar and let it dry in a cool place without sun.

Harness, wetsuit and board:

neoprene board harness kitesurf maintenance

As with the bar, if you want it to last and not spoil, it is essential to sweeten it after each session and let it dry in a cool and sunless place.

If you follow all these tips your kite equipment will stay in optimal conditions for longer!


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