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Everything you need to know to kite in Tarifa

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First of all, if you are looking for kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa, you have come to the right place, contact us directly to make your reservation here:

Tarifa, the jewel of southern Spain, is recognized worldwide as a paradise for kitesurfing. Over 300+ days of wind, sun and with its magnificent beaches, it attracts thrill seekers and water sports enthusiasts from far and wide. If you are planning a kite holiday, here are eight essential tips to enjoy kitesurfing in Tarifa:

Get to know the winds of Tarifa:

Tarifa is famous for its winds, being "Levante" and "Poniente" the most common.
Levante is more intense and blows from the east, it is always at least a little off-shore and is usually stronger and gusty.
Poniente comes from the west and is always side-on or on-shore. It is usually a softer and more constant wind compared to levante.

tarifa always windy

The differences between poniente and levante for the practice of kiting is enormous and offers completely different experiences. Here you can find all the information regarding the wind in Tarifa and how to understand the forecast.

Choose the right beach / spot:

Tarifa has a wide variety of spots for kitesurfing along its beaches.
With poniente, surely the best beach is Los Lances, since it is wider than Valdevaqueros and you will find more space.
With levante, Valdevaqueros is usually the beach chosen by most kiters to kite in Tarifa.
Here you can find a list with all the spots for kitesurfing in Tarifa and surroundings.

Kite Schools:

If you have never tried kitesurfing, take the opportunity to learn in Tarifa, you will find the best instructors in the world! We have students all year-round and you won't find more experienced instructors anywhere.

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There are numerous kite schools in Tarifa that offer classes for all levels, but if you want to guarantee a premium service, with the best teachers, equipment, radio helmets and more than 3500+ happy students, do not hesitate to get your kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa with us.

If you already have experience and want to learn or refresh your skills, we can also help you!

Kite gear to bring:

Make sure you bring the right size kite for the wind conditions in Tarifa.
Normally, a couple of days before you will be able to see in the wind forecast if you will get east or west and its intensity. We always recommend bringing all the kite sizes you have, because Tarifa usually offers all kinds of conditions and it might surprise you!
If you lack any size or you have come without a board, you always have the option of renting kite gear in Tarifa with us or buy kite equipment, both new or used, since you will not find a better place and with more offer than Tarifa.

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Prepare your wetsuit:

Depending on the time of year the water temperature in Tarifa can be cold, especially outside the summer season. Even in summer, we always recommend taking a wetsuit for kitesurfing, even if it is thin, because if you have a problem it will keep you warm compared to going without a suit.
To summarize, in the summer you will probably need a 3/2mm wetsuit and the rest of the year a 4/3mm or even 5/4mm wetsuit to have a session without getting cold

Know the tides:

The tides greatly affect the behavior of the wind, especially in summer!
With poniente, when the high tide point arrives, the wind tends to drop and recovers after about an hour.
With levante, during the rising tide, the wind tends to get stronger, and once high tide is reached, the wind tends to get gusty for an hour or an hour and a half.

Kitesurfing areas in Tarifa

tarifa kite area

It is important to take into account that there are 2 seasons for kitesurfing in Tarifa.
During summer season (15.6 to 15.9), you can only kitesurf in the areas designated for it, as we share the beaches with MANY bathers. In Los lances, the kite area is in front on Waves and Aqua bar til Rio Jara. In Valdevaqueros, infront of Bibo bar.
Out of season, you can practice kitesurfing anywhere on the beach, respecting the environmentally protected areas.

What to do in Tarifa if there is no wind?

In Tarifa there are normally 3 types of days:
1. Windy days: Depending on whether it is levante o poniente, you will have wind all day or only part of it, but you will be able to kitesurf or at least kite-foil.
2. Days without wind but with waves: These days usually occur throughout the year, if your thing is to be in contact with the ocean, you can always rent a surfboard and enjoy the day.
3. Days with no wind and no waves: These are the least common days, but you can always take advantage of them to rent a stand up paddle board and see Tarifa from a different perspective.

Tarifa is a magical destination for kitesurf lovers, and following these tips will help you get the most out of your experience. Your kitesurfing trip in Tarifa will be an unforgettable experience, and you have been warned, you will repeat!!


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