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Lagoon Kitesurf Spot

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lagoon kitesurf Tarifa

Spot Description:

Regarding the lagoon spot or lagoon of Tarifa, the first thing to say is that the practice of kitesurfing is totally prohibited in the area limited by poles as it is a reserve spot. Outside the area, next to Tarifa, with very high tidal coefficients it also forms and there is possible to ride. East winds are usually gusty and strong. With west it is usually for a medium-large kite.

Lagoon Spot:

Spot Type: Flat

Winds: W (Poniente)

Level: All

Reserved area in Summer: No

Kite Size: Variable

How to reach?

The Lagoon Spot is reached through any of the accesses to the beach from Tarifa and through Los Lances Norte area.


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