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balneario kitesurf Tarifa

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Spot Description:

In Balneario Spot it is usual to kitesurf with levante (E), which is off-shore wind (from land). With west you can also ride there, but be careful with the current!
Riding area is very small. Dangerous spot as the road is on the left and on the right, passing the rocks, wind becomes unstable.
Recommended only for riders with a very high level. If your level is still not very high, there are better spots to go (much safer) and you will not annoy the rest of the riders!

Balneario Spot:

Spot Type: Flat / Waves

Winds: E (Levante)

Level: Expert

Reserved area in Summer: No

Kite Size: Normally Small

How to reach?

Balneario spot is located next to the port of Tarifa, under the castle.


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