Kitesurf spots in Tarifa and surroundings

Find your perfect kitespot in Tarifa!

Here are our selection of kitespots to practice kitesurf in Tarifa and its surroundings. Inside you will find detailed information about types of wind, kite usual sizes, closed kitesurf areas, prohibitions and difficulty. All the information you need to know about Tarifa for safe kitesurf session with any wind forecast!
For any question about them just contact us!

Los Lances Beach

Kitesurf Rio Jara Tarifa

Best Spot in Tarifa!


kitesurf spot Valdevaqueros

Thermic and levante in winter!

The Lagoon

kite lagoon kiting Tarifa

Learn new tricks!

El Balneario

kitesurf balneario Tarifa

Want to fly high?

Playa chica

kitesurf playa chica Tarifa

Adrenaline all around!

Canos de Meca

kitesurf spot canos meca

Great Wave-riding spot!


spot palmones Tarifa

Too much wind in Tarifa?


spot getares waves

Wave-riding with levante in Tarifa.