Information about Tarifa

What to do after your kite course, beaches, winds...

Tarifa is a special place for its exceptional geographical location between El parque de los Alcornocales, various rivers, natural dunes and the two seas that wet its beaches. Also has a cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere where you can unwind and lost, taking advantage to release adrenaline playing sports, especially if it has to do with the wind, as in the case of kitesurf.

Tarifa has all the amenities and facilities needed to spend a few days holiday, relax and have fun, but also has the best conditions and climate in Europe to practice kitesurf. Its extensive coastline provides safely kitesurf spots. The wind blows over 300 days a year and it is very rare have more than two days without it. Also do not care if you come in summer or winter, in Tarifa you can learn and practice kitesurf all year round. Kite Fun Tarifa mostly teaches at the beach of Los Lances, as usually offers best condition to learn, but if the wind changes, we also change and head to the beach which best suits the wind conditions.

playa de Tarifa

And what to do when you have finished your lesson?

Do not worry, Tarifa in addition to kitesurfing also has many other things to offer, so you do not get bored and have a good time, such as:

-Surf courses or Stand Up Paddle courses or routes.
-Horse riding for its splendid beaches or parks.
-Visit Roman ruins as Baelo Claudia in Bologna beach.
-Hiking routes in natural parks.
Or simply spend the day enjoying the sun lying on the sand and then have fun with our nightlife.