3 days kitesurf course in Tarifa

Advanced kitesurf course in Tarifa

3 days kitesurf course Tarifa

Three days kitesurf course description:

A 3 days kite course is the most recommended to have a basic understanding of all aspects of kitesurf. During day 1 and day 2 of your course you will perform the programs described and on the third day learn the Water-start, which is to put the board on the feet, get up and do your first meters.

advanced lesson kitesurf Tarifa

What will you learn?

Day 1 and day 2. On day three begin with waterstart. The order of learning will be: First, put the board on the feet; Second, maintain the correct position of both kite and body. Third, you will learn the handling of the kite and find the point of power needed to get up safely. Finally, we will work on the position of your body and board and get you to make your first meters! Depending on the length of your course, you will have time to advance further through all the aspects described.

You will learn to:

Day 1 and day 2

Everything described in Day 1 and Day 2.

Put the board

We will show you the tricks to put the board easily and quickly.

Kite, body and board position

Depending on the wind you will need to position all this parts in one way or another.

Required movements and balance

What to do and how to make your first meters!

What is included??

Everything.. Qualified instructors (FAV, IKO...), RC / accidents insurance, all equipment, certification card and fun. And if you need a lift, we bring you.


  • Group courses are developed with a maximum of 4 persons per instructor, sharing a kite every 2 persons. If you are alone and want to make your group course, is no problem!

  • Reduced group courses are developed with a maximun of 2 persons per instructor and 1 kite. Is an ideal kitesurf course if you come with your partner and want to optimize your time.

  • Semi-Private course are developed in a closed group of 2 persons and 1 instructor with 2 kites.

    • Group Courses

    • Per person

      • 180€ / 9h
        240€ / 12h
    • Contact
    • Reduced Group

    • Per person

      • 225€ / 9h
        300€ / 12h
    • Contact
    • Semi-private Course

    • Per person

      • 270€ / 9h
        360€ / 12h
    • Contact
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