1 day kitesurf course in Tarifa

Basic kite course in Tarifa

1 day kite lesson Tarifa

One day kitesurf course description:

One day kitesurf course is ideal if you do not know if the kite is a sport for you. First day you will learn how to prepare your equipment, safety systems besides the correct choice of spot to practice depending on wind and other factors. The basic idea of this course is that when you finish, you know how to choose the right place at the beach, prepare your stuff and be able to fly the kite. The goal of the first day of your kite course is to be fully ready to go to the water the next day!

beginner lesson kitesurf Tarifa

What will you learn?

With our teaching methodology, you will start the course in the same way as you do when you go to the beach alone. We will teach you all the steps to practice kitesurf safely on your own!

You will learn to:

Pick the right area

Where to prepare and practice kitesurf.

Wind Window

The wind window is a concept that will help you understand how the kite and power zones works.

Prepare your equipment

How to prepare kite, bar and lines.

Safety systems

We will show you all the safety devices and procedures in case of emergency. Also you will practice how to use them.

Fly your kite

You will learn how to fly the kite and all the possible movements you will need during your kitesurf lessons.

Take-off / land your kite

You will practice several times this exercises as it is extremely important to understand this part.

Walk while flying your kite

You will learn how to walk in all directions while flying your kite.


We will show you how to rescue yourself in an emergency situation.

Pack equipment

You will learn how to pack your equipment and have it ready for the next session.

What is included??

Everything.. Qualified instructors (FAV, IKO...), RC / accidents insurance, all equipment, certification card and fun. And if you need a lift, we bring you.


  • Group courses are developed with a maximum of 4 persons per instructor, sharing a kite every 2 persons. If you are alone and want to make your group course, is no problem!

  • Reduced group courses are developed with a maximum of 2 persons per instructor and 1 kite. Is an ideal kitesurf course if you come with your partner and want to optimize your time.

  • Semi-Private course are developed in a closed group of 2 persons and 1 instructor with 2 kites.

    • Group Courses

    • Per person

      • 60€ / 3h
        80€ / 4h
    • Contact
    • Reduced Group

    • Per person

      • 75€ / 3h
        100€ / 4h
    • Contact
    • Semi-private Course

    • Per person

      • 90€ / 3h
        120€ / 4h
    • Contact
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