Information about Kiteschool Kite Fun Tarifa

What we offer at our kiteschool that makes us different?

kiteschool kite fun tarifa

True, we are maaany kitesurf schools in Tarifa .. Some bigger, some smaller .. But sometimes the size is no guarantee of quality. In Kite Fun Tarifa we offer:


For us it is very important that at the end of your course you are satisfied in every way. Happy with the treatment received, happy how your course developed and happy to achieve all your goals.
Kitesurf courses are taught so that you can make the best of your time and get the most from your money you are willing to invest. We will never start kite courses if weather conditions are not optimal. We will not start if the wind is too strong and is not safe or is not enough to make you lose time as sometimes you see at the beach with other kiteschools.

tickMoney Back Guarantee:

At Kiteschool Kite Fun Tarifa we want to offer the highest quality in your course with the guarantee that if for any reason (not good wind, illness, etc) you can not perform or finish your course, we will refund the money from the missing part. In addition, if you want to cancel the class after an hour we will be able to refund your money for the rest of the course.


We work with Duotone Kiteboarding, ION and others top brands. This guarantees our school has the best kites, safety systems and all the equipment in perfect conditions. In addition, we renew equipment every few months, so you will find everything in a high-quality condition !

Kite Fun Tarifa Team

Everyone in our team has extensive experience teaching kitesurfing besides prepared for effective, safe and fun experience plus qualifications by IKO / BKSA / FAV.


rodrigo rios

tickPosition: Manager and instructor.

tickExperience: FAV /IKO 2 with thousand of hours at the beach.

More than 10 years experience, still loving this sport as the first day.



tickPosition: Instructor.

tickExperience: FAV / IKO 2

Travelling all around the world, one day arrived to Tarifa to stay..



tickPosition: Instructor.

tickExperience: FAV / IKO 2

Half year in Tarifa, other half on his Thailand.. One of the guys with more experience at the beach!